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10 Reasons to Get Excited About the Opening of Shed 2

OK, we admit it. Shed 2 isn't looking all that hot this second. But if you can suspend disbelief and find a little inspiration in the smells of fresh sawdust, you can start to glean what the new anchor for the Dallas Farmers Market will look like. Rex's says they plan to open their seafood spot by the end of November, which seems ambitious, but it's safe to say that by the end of the year many of these new businesses will be opening their doors.

Here are 10 things to get excited about when the shed does finally open:

1. Freshly toasted tortillas at La Ventana
The tortillas that cradle these taco fillings are some of the best available in Dallas. Freshly ground nixtamal results in a roasted corn flavor and delicate texture that's unparalleled.

2. Bellatrino pizza
Looks good, no? Dallas' pizza scene will continue to improve with the addition of Bellatrino.

3. La Popular
Tamales just in time for Christmas? La Popular has been a staple for all things masa at the Dallas Farmers Market and will be back and revamped when Shed 2 finally opens.

4. Soup prep at Stocks and Bondy's
Good stock is the backbone of any great soup, and making it can be a lengthy process depending on the recipe you're following. As winter takes over in Dallas, this Farmers Market newcomer should be able meet all of your soup preparation needs.

5. Kick-ass bahn mi
The sandwiches served at Nammi are outstanding. Grab a grilled pork with pâté and extra pickles, and some Pocky to fuel your next produce shopping session.

6. Ice cream sandwiches
CoolHaus shares the same space with Nammi to give banh mi enthusiasts a second sandwich for dessert. Don't miss the Cara-Mia Lehrer featuring snickerdoodles and salted caramel ice cream. And maybe grab a pint of that avocado ice cream to take home.

7. Macarons
Chelles will offer perfectly piped macarons in a rainbow of flavors including unexpected versions like black sesame. Stop by if you're looking for a more diminutive sweet.

Dallas' favorite fromagerie will have a solution for all of your cheese needs at their new Dallas Farmers Market satellite location. With all the foot traffic that's expected in Shed 2, expect a crowd when these guys break open a fresh wheel of the good stuff.

9. Cajun Tailgators
A few years ago, when Cajun Tailgators was just a food truck, their roast beef po' boy caused us to get a little emotional. A restaurant opened later in Plano, and by the end of the year those delicious sandwiches should be available right here in Dallas.
10. Rex's Oyster Bar
Rex's has always had some of the best oysters you can get in Dallas, and their prices are reasonable. Now you'll be able to get them while sitting at a bar in Shed 2. Grab a dozen of something tiny and briny from northern waters and a glass of champagne or a nice cold beer.