Things To Do

5 Free & Cheap Culture Events This Week

The Halloween festivities are over, and Sunday was just not enough time to recover from all that drinking that you’re doing. You’ll probably need the next couple of days to rest up, drink fluids, and repair all the damage you’ve caused to your personal property and relationships during your evening of debauchery, and that’s understandable. When you’ve finished all that, though, you should probably get back out into the world and do something good for your brain.

You’ve already trashed your liver, so it’s probably good to be nice to your other organs. This week, there’s plenty to do, and you won’t have to pay much at all to redeem yourself for all those idiotic things you did over this last Halloween weekend. They probably won’t help you with your probation officer, but at least you’ll feel slightly more cultured.

Welcome To Night Vale Book Talk
Wednesday, November 4
Dallas Public Library

If you’ve been enjoying the creepy, funny, and always bizarre podcast Welcome To Night Vale, well, your leaders are coming to town. On Wednesday, Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, the minds behind this weirdly successful cultural phenomenon will be at the Downtown branch of the Dallas Public Library discussing and signing copies of the book that grew from the podcast. KERA’s Shelley Kenneavy will moderate a Q&A, and you can definitely expect for that to get weird quickly.

Bar Politics Gets Polluted
Wednesday, November 4
The Rustic

As always the “local fake news show” that is Bar Politics is bringing the heat. This time, we mean that literally. This week’s discussion will center around the ever-present issue of pollution, something that Dallasites with lungs should definitely care about. Downwinders at Risk will present a show that’s all about “the ways our state and local governments are telling Mother Nature ‘blow me.’“ Then, a conversation with Dallas conservationist Ben Sandifer will follow, along with live music, and of course, plenty of booze.

First Friday Block Party
Friday, November 6
Pegasus Plaza

Downtown is bustling now more than ever, and that means free neighborhood parties. This Friday, head to Pegasus Plaza for mingling with the locals and enjoy a few cocktails. There may be some live music, but if not, you can just indulge in this delicious fall weather with the beautiful backdrop of Downtown Dallas. And, you know, if you get bored, you could always wander down to Midnight Rambler or Wild Salsa for a few more drinks.

What else is in the Teaches of Peaches?
Saturday, November 7
The Wild Detectives

Ahead of her performance at Trees on Saturday, Merrill Beth Nisker, better known to the world as the bawdy, foul-mouthed electro-songstress PEACHES will sign copies of What else is in the Teaches of Peaches, featuring Holger Talinski’s no-holds-barred photography of the artist. After the signing, DJ Tempranillo will spin a sort of history lesson featuring the most relevant and exciting works of electronic music over the past couple of decades.

The Dallas Flea
Saturday, November 7
The Green Warehouse

Last year, The Dallas Flea was a bit of a clusterfuck. Long lines and parking dilemmas have moved the event to two massive warehouses on Bataan Street, where more than 140 purveyors of junk of all kinds will be selling their wares. Furniture, art, knick-knacks, and everything in between will be on offer, along with food trucks, live music, and a cash bar. Maybe they’ve worked out all the kinks this year and The Dallas Flea will be the junky wonderland that we’ve all dreamed of.