5 Best Places in Dallas to Get Your Face Painted by a Professional

Love it or hate it, makeup is a fact of life for most women. Call it a cruel reality of the patriarchy or a fun way to improve your appearance, most of us have to at least apply a little foundation and eyeliner to be taken seriously as grown-ass, adult women. Sometimes, though, even the most au naturale among us want to kick up their game a notch, and that frequently means involving professional help.

Unless you’re a YouTube makeup celebrity, you could probably use a little assistance in achieving your best look. Whether you’re in need of a fabulous face for a special event, you just want to freshen up your look, or you need to make some awful man regret letting you go, these five establishments can hook you up. Best of all, there’s options for beauties of all budgets who need to get fancy.

Blushington (above)
If you’ve got a really big event or just want to look fly as hell for the evening, Blushington is a relatively budget-friendly place for a makeup application. A full-face will run you about $45, and a “TV ready” look only $75. If you really need to look flawless, you can splurge on an application of airbrushed foundation, or keep it simple with just a killer eye look, which will run you $30. Added bonus: Drybar is next door in case your hair is also in serious need of some love.

Bluemercury’s recent opening in Highland Park Village brings a sort of one-stop skincare Mecca to Dallas — that is, of course, assuming you can afford it. After your face recovers from one of Bluemercury’s signature facials featuring their own proprietary skincare product, you can stop by and have your makeup applied by some of the classiest, most well-educated makeup artists in the biz. When you’re done, you can spend what little cash you have left on the best skincare brands, from NARS mascaras to supplements that promise to keep your skin looking radiant.

In addition to sleek blow-outs, fancy updos and tending to those stray eyebrow hairs, the team at Pouf can also, as they say in the industry, beat your mug. The products are top-notch, and the eyebrow looks are even better. Once the artists here have finished powdering and contouring your face to the gods, you won’t even need those Instagram filters.

La Bichette
If you’re seriously looking to splurge on your hair and makeup, get thee to La Bichette. Or, perhaps even better, have them come apply your makeup and give you Tami Taylor hair in the comfort of your own home. If you’d rather head into this swanky Highland Park salon for service, you can score a blowout and full-face makeup application for just $80. It’s probably cheaper than all the therapy you’ll need in 10 years when you look back and realize your own startling inability to apply eyeliner.

Neiman Marcus (Downtown)
There’s a simple reason why Neiman Marcus has maintained its status as the city's — and perhaps the world’s — premier luxury retailer: customer service. Even if you don’t have two nickels to rub together, as long as you don’t smell particularly offensive, the staff here will bend over backwards to take care of you. You might have to feign a little interest and pretend that you can actually afford $300 face creams and $50 lipsticks, but the makeup artists here will give you an incredible look even if you beg off and don’t buy anything. Perhaps more important, you can also hustle the kindly salespeople into giving you samples of products that don’t fit into your drugstore makeup budget. There’s a reason that rich people look better than all us plebes, and it’s because the products (and plastic surgeries) they can afford are decidedly superior.