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Our Prayers Have Been Answered: The Dixie Chicks Will Play Dallas in 2016

Go on ahead and say thank you, Dallas, because we’ve been praying hard for this good news for a long while now. Just as soon as the newly reunited Dixie Chicks, fresh off a 10-year hiatus from touring in the United States, announced that they were heading back on the road, we were devastated to find out that they would just be heading to Europe. But, because we believe in the power of positivity, we sought out some help from the man upstairs, and our prayers were answered.

Praise the Lord, because the Dixie Chicks are coming back to Dallas in 2016. In an extension of the DCX MMXVI tour that is currently going on in Europe, the Chicks announced a host of United States dates this morning, and Dallas is lucky enough to be on that list. Yup, you heard that right: The Dixie Chicks are making their long-anticipated return to Dallas, and you’ll only have to wait nearly another year to see them live and on stage. Considering how our fair city acted the last time the Dixie Chicks came around — threatening to kill someone is not nice, y’all — we should consider ourselves quite lucky.

The U.S. leg of the DCX MMXVI tour kicks off on June 1, 2016, in Cincinnati, Ohio, before snaking through most major (and a few smaller) markets in the country. In a sort of cruel irony, the Chicks won’t make it to Dallas until August 5, when it will be decidedly smoldering at the Gexa Energy Pavilion. We’re a little upset that the Chicks won’t be playing “Goodbye Earl” for us in the air conditioning and we'll be forced to sweat our asses off as we jam out to "Not Ready to Make Nice," but we’ll survive.

Two additional Texas dates, in Austin and in Houston, will follow the Dallas show. The tour wraps up in November with a final show at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl. Tickets to the August 5 show go on sale this Saturday, November 21, at 12 noon at dxctourclub.com. You had better go ahead and bookmark that LiveNation ticket page, because we'd guess these are going to go quickly.