Visual Art

Goes Well With… Art Pairings for Chalet Dallas and H. Schenck

This new series visually connects the work of national and international artists with the work of artists living in Dallas.

H. Schenck’s H is for Human, M is for Mud @ 500X 
For H. Schenck, mud is identity, humanity, substance and substrate. The work at 500x is elegantly presented as wall painting, video and sculpture.  Richard Long’s Dallas Rag at Hall Arts
Famous land artist Richard Long has a new, splattery painting of a white circle on black ground. He also uses mud, or in this case china white clay, in relation to identity, spirituality and place.

Chalet Dallas — Piero Golia at Nasher Sculpture Center 
For his piece Chalet Dallas, LA-based artist Piero Golia has reimagined a small gallery inside the Nasher Sculpture Center, transforming the space into a gesamtkunstwerk, or total work of art, and created a series of events that activate the space as a way to build community and make people feel special. 
Vice Palace
Arthur Peña’s experimental roaming music venue, Vice Palace, accomplishes the same things by bringing together the underground art and music communities here in Dallas. For Vice Palace, the myth of past events is just as important to the events themselves, echoing one of the goals of Golia’s Chalet Dallas

Randy Guthmiller is a Dallas-based artist, educator and zine publisher.