10 Cool Gifts for the Texas Boozer

This year, gift your booze-loving friends more sophisticated presents than just a handle of Tito’s and a six-pack of Tecate. (Although, to be honest, they’d probably still love to get those.) Here are 10 cool gifts to please all of the boozehounds on your list, from the tipsy tailgater to the beer nerd to the cocktail connoisseur.

Brass State Cocktail Stirrers
$45 for four
Mix cocktails and show your state pride at the same time with these elegant brass cocktail stirrers. The 8-inch-long sticks from AHeirloom can be topped with a punch-out of the Lone Star State and would look really glamorous if passed out with drinks at a party. In fact, the brass is so legit you may even have to polish them before company comes over.
Moscow Mule Carry-On Cocktail Kit
Never get stuck at 35,000 feet without a Moscow mule again. This carry-on cocktail kit from W&P Design meets TSA liquid requirements and includes all of the ingredients and tools you’d need to build a drink on an airplane: a bottle of ginger syrup, a bar spoon, a measuring jigger, a linen coaster and a recipe card. All you have to do is add a mini bottle of vodka from the beverage cart. W&P Design also makes carry-on-approved kits for old fashioneds and gin and tonics, with a Champagne cocktail on the way.
Gastronomista Necklace
$75 - $150
Wear your drink weakness proudly with these cocktail necklaces from Gastronomista. The gold or sterling-silver plated jewelry comes scrawled with classic drink names including daiquiri, mai tai, mint julep, Amaro, martini, negroni, Sazerac, painkiller or piña colada. Inexplicably margarita is not an option.
The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Know-It-All: Know Your Booze Before You Choose
Learn to recognize whiskey by scent, without ever having to attend a tasting. The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Know-It-All is a 20-page whiskey tome in, you guessed it, scratch-and-scent form. Wine writer Richard Betts breaks down the grain alcohol into its various flavors/scents including vanilla, sandalwood and grass, so scratchers and sniffers can identify which expressions of the spirit they prefer.
Thelma & Louise Engraved Wine Glass Set
Ride-and-die friends are hard to come by. This set of stemless wine glasses etched with the names “Thelma” and “Louise” salutes the rare duo that’s in it together until the end. And the 17-ounce glasses hold more than enough alcohol to trigger some poor life decisions.

Beer Cap State Map
Beer nerds can finally be proud of their bottle cap collections. The beer cap state map (photo at top), cut from plywood, is designed to hang on the wall and display dozens of colorful caps. Arrange the caps geographically, by which craft distillery they came from, or however else you want to arrange them; it’s your map! The maps are available in all 50 states and a few countries.
Stanley Adventure Happy Hour 2X System
Camp-gear manufacturer Stanley has released a sturdy happy hour set for mixing cocktails in the wilderness. But let’s get real; shaking up a craft cocktail sounds much more reasonable on a tailgate than in a tent. For those situations, the Stanley adventure happy hour set would be everything you need. The compact set includes a citrus reamer for juicing and straining, a jigger for measuring, and two stainless steel rocks glasses, which all nest within an easy-to-transport 20-ounce shaker.
Shotgun Cartridge Flask
Conceal your secret weapon in this shotgun cartridge flask from Kaufmann Mercantile. The handmade, 4-ounce booze transporter is built out of pewter and brass and has an inner and outer screw top so you don’t lose a drop of the good stuff through leaks. The outer lid even doubles as a shot glass.
Cobbler Shaker Dog Toy
Technically this gift would be for the cocktail aficionado’s dog — or, dare we say, boozehound? (Sorry.) This rubber chew toy from Cocktail Kingdom is modeled after a top-of-the-line Japanese cobbler shaker and would be the envy of any mutt at the dog park. And it squeaks!
Del Maguey Copitas
$20 for 12
Drink your mezcal the traditional way, out of a tiny clay copita. This set from Del Maguey includes a dozen of the handcrafted sipping cups. If you want to really be authentic, cheers with “Stigibeu” before drinking. The ancient Zapotec toast salutes “the life force” of you, your buddies and the earth.