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A List of Dallas Restaurants Opting Out of Open Carry

January 1, the new open-carry gun law in Texas took effect, allowing handgun license owners to carry their guns in visible holsters in most public places. 

If you're a private business owner, however, you can opt out of open carry and ban guns in your establishment if you so choose. We got curious to know which Dallas restaurants would be serving a side of holster, and which ones wouldn't, so we did some digging. Chains including Starbucks, Chipotle, Jack in the Box, Sonic and Chili's have all banned guns, and locally, several restaurant owners already have their signage posted.

Some are more outspoken about their position on the matter. When asked, Matt Hamilton of Local Yocal replied that his establishment is "open carry welcome." Jack Perkins, owner of Maple & Motor and The Slow Bone, spoke with NPR and Fox Business about his decision to opt out of open carry at his restaurants: 

There are two separate signs to look for if a restaurant is opting out of open carry and opting out of concealed carry. And the private property owner is responsible for having the sign(s) created. I figured the signs would look something like this:

But apparently, Texas decided the signage had to be more specific than that. Here are the requirements of the signage, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety:

Here is a working list of Dallas restaurants reporting to us they are opting out of open carry:

All Good Cafe
Angry Dog
Bar Belmont
Bird Cafe
Bolsa Mercado
Cafe Momentum
Cane Rosso
Capitol Pub
Chicken Scratch
Crisp Salad Company
Dallas Grilled Cheese Company
Dough Pizzeria
The Dubliner
El Fenix
Flying Saucer
Filament (it should be noted that chef Matt McCallister says they are also banning "creepy clowns")
The Foundry
Front Room Tavern
Full Circle Tavern
Fuzzy's Taco Shop
Garden Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe
HG Sply Co
Howdy Homemade
Kitchen LTO
LARK on the Park
Maple & Motor
Meddlesome Moth
The Mitchell
Mudhen Meats & Greens
On Premise
Pecan Lodge
Pink Magnolia
Pints and Quarts
The Porch
Rise n°1
Rodeo Goat
Saint Roccos New York Italian
Sevy's Grill
The Slow Bone
Smoke Plano
Start Restaurant
The Theodore
Thirteen Pies
Union Coffee
Victor Tango's
Wayward Sons
The Wild Detectives