5 Amazing Desserts by Delivery

Sometimes you want to satisfy your sweet tooth but you don't want to leave the house. It's too cold for that nonsense. Plus going places can really interfere with one's binge-watching. Luckily for the housebound (and the lazy), online ordering means top-notch desserts will come to you without the hassle of putting on pants or checking yourself for bedhead.

Gone are the days when your best-case dessert delivery scenario was a couple of broken fortune cookies or a half-thawed piece of cheesecake. Some of the best restaurants in town have teamed up with third-party sites like Caviar. Now, with a few button-clicks, their amazing desserts will come to you, announcing their impending arrival with a provocative text message: "This is happening."

Yes, this is happening. A lot. 

1. Bacon Cheesecake: The Free Man Cajun Cafe

Coated in a caramel whiskey sauce, the Free Man's bacon cheesecake is rich, satisfying and chock-full of some of our favorite vices. The smooth, creamy filling contrasts beautifully with a sprinkling of crunchy bacon. 

2. Coconut Cream Pie:  Remedy

Visit Remedy on Greenville Avenue and you'll have a dizzying assortment of pies and sundaes to choose from. Invite Remedy to your home and you'll only have one dessert option: the coconut cream pie. Fortunately, it's all you need. Even self-proclaimed "not a dessert fan" people (who are these maniacs?) have been wowed by this stellar slice.

3. Strawberry Mascarpone "Grilled Cheese": Dallas Grilled Cheese Company

It's definitely unlike any grilled cheese you've ever had. A dollop of minty lemon mascarpone cheese is sandwiched between two doughnut-y slices of grilled brioche bread and topped with a lovely scattering of fresh strawberries. The bad news is you'll make a complete mess of yourself, but the good news is only your dog will see it.

4. Coconut-Lemongrass Panna Cotta: Mot Hai Ba

Raspberry sorbet sets off the delicate coconut and lemongrass flavors of this silky panna cotta. Topped with a handful of crunchy peanuts, this perfectly balanced dessert is best enjoyed from the comfort of your couch.

5. Tres Leches Cupcake: Latin Deli

Some twists on this classic boast cuatro or even cinco leches. Latin Deli's version proves that it can be done right with only tres. This delicious little powerhouse is given a sweet leche injection upon ordering and arrives at your house perfectly sculpted with cream cheese frosting. Order it once and it will soon become a frequent visitor in your home.