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Mysterious Dallas Musician Felix Finally Agrees to Speak, But Only Via Email

Last year, an artist named Felix released a solid, lo-fi '80s funk album recorded straight to cassette. Soon after, another release appeared, a collaboration between Felix and rapper Lord Byron called Ghoulfive. The music has created enough buzz that both records will be released on vinyl next month. But much else about Felix remains a mystery; Felix has never made a live appearance and never given an interview. Until now, that is.

When first asked for an interview, Felix said he was too busy making beats and needed to feed his iguana. Lord Byron has also remained tight-lipped about Felix’s identity and how the two came together. But reluctantly, Felix eventually agreed to answer some questions through e-mail in order to remain anonymous.

Dallas Observer: Why don’t you want anyone to know who you are?

Felix: I never said that?

But you won't meet for an interview. Does this rule out live performances?

Nooooooooo. Live Funk and molly coming soon. 

How did you connect with Lord Byron?

Shit! One day I was walking through Candyland and saw Ghoulfive Ghoulin.

Do you always make beats on the toilet?

Oh, not all the time.

Did you go to Booker T?

What is that?

Do you have a dayjob?

Yes. I wake up and greet my iguana, Dmitri, and get to twerk.

Tell me about your creative process.

First I have to flip the light switch on and off till it feels right, then I eat Froot Loops and watch the cars drive by for about three hours. I help my mom curl her hair around noon, and then start working on recording sounds.

Do you live with your parents?

Do you? 

What influences your sound?

Most things. Cleo Mcnett, Roger Boykin, Alexander, Robbie M, Dwight Sykes, Doug Carn, Jahari, Stevie Wonder and David Aj from Positive profiles music videos.

Do you plan to produce for other artists?

Peewee Longway.

Tell me about your iguana.

He’s like me but small and green.

How many trips have you been on?

I took a trip to Galveston with Dmitri once.

Why do you make music?

I just get really sick if I don’t.

Are you surprised by the buzz your music has created?

"Buzz buzz buzz bizzy bees buzzying. Pass me a Blunt " — a poem by Felix. Uh, I'm suprised, and happy that my music is making people happy. It makes me wanna do more.