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You Like This: Featuring Chef Suki Otsuki from Mudhen Meat and Greens

Welcome to "You Like This," in which we ask chefs two questions: 1) What's the best-selling dish at your restaurant? and 2) What's your favorite dish at your restaurant? We hope the answer to the first question will open your eyes to the fan favorites and the Dallas palate, and that perhaps the answer to that second question will inspire you to go out on a kickass food limb once in a while. This week's You Like This features executive chef Suki Otsuki and Mudhen Meat and Greens.

Hey chef! What's the best-selling dish at Mudhen?

Our best-selling item is our grass-fed beef and bison meatloaf as a component of our build-a-bowl. We top it with a spicy diavolo sauce made of red bell peppers and tomatoes — it’s a great balance of rich game meat and a little heat to really kick it up.
What's your favorite dish at Mudhen right now?

My go-to is the Loco Moco. It’s a beef and bacon patty that we grind together and serve over coconut-cauliflower rice with a sunny-side-up egg and Sriracha vinaigrette. It hits the spot for me as being satiating but doesn’t make you feel stuffed and guilty. Plus, an egg makes everything better!

If you could give any advice to a Dallas diner who's scared to venture out and try something new, what would it be?

When it comes to trying new things in terms of food, there isn’t anything to be afraid of. Eating out is all about the experience and good company. I also think that sometimes having moral support of a friend who feels more comfortable with ingredients or a menu that is foreign to you, they can help guide you through. More important, it’s about knowing that this meal doesn’t have to be your last so you can take chances freely and maybe find some new favorites.

"It's about knowing that this meal doesn't have to be your last" — pretty sure that is my favorite way to look at trying new things now. It's just dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast. Or brunch, you guys. It's not a Forever Relationship that you have to make Facebook official. Try something new, Dallas!

Mudhen Meat and Greens, 900 S. Harwood St., 214-698-7000