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The Real Housewives of Dallas Make Frenemies: Inside Episode 3

The Real Housewives of Dallas
Episode 3 Recap
“Making Frenemies”

Finally, the real action starts. Women get mad at one another. Shit hits the fan because LeeAnne Locken finally can't take it anymore. This is the episode where enemy lines are drawn and it’s time you pick a side. Are you Team Poop or Team Respect For The Elderly’s Charity Events? You must decide.

We catch up with all the Housewives. Brandi Redmond is sad because her husband works a lot. We find out Locken’s boyfriend, Rich Emberlin, has a daughter.

Then Redmond and Stephanie Hollman head to Bistro 31 in Highland Park Village and meet up with Cary Deuber. This happens to be the spot where we interviewed all the women a few weeks ago. They sat upstairs in the outdoors and sipped on Champagne and ate sushi. The restaurant’s array of sparkling wines is something our food writers have noted.

Then Locken and boyfriend Emberlin and his daughter head to Bistecca, an Italian steakhouse in Flower Mound, which has a four-star rating on Yelp. We talked to their waitress, Megan, and she tells us surrounding tables were blocked off for filming. They were all nice, she says, and ordered wine, the Caesar salad, lamb chops and a ribeye.

Megan also tells us that they didn’t pay, Bravo did.

“They had me drop off a check with a note in it letting the boyfriend know the show was paying but to act like he did.”

And as far as those sandals Emberlin’s daughter was gifted for her birthday? Megan is pretty sure they were knockoff Birkenstocks.

But to really get the party started, Redmond, Hollman and Deuber go to LaBare Dallas Ladies Club in Dallas (3 and a 1/2 star rating on Yelp) for a girls’ night. In the scene, we finally see Redmond show off some real Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders dance moves when she dances with — and sort of on — a handful of men. “These men are gorgeous. I mean they are a lot younger than us, but they’re gorgeous,” she says to the camera. “And they know how to move.”

One of those gorgeous guys was Vann Vetch, who worked at LaBare when the episode was shot about a year ago.

He says the only thing that was really set up in advance was the ladies' table right by the front of the stage.

“I was one of the last entertainers to go up,” Vetch tells us. “There were like 20 entertainers and each entertainer was on stage for about 10 minutes and I was one of the last ones. I feel like they were probably the most drunk and that’s why that one girl was all over me. They had been drinking and getting a little crazy, I guess.”

Then we see Hollman and Redmond hanging out outside Hollman’s home while their kids drive off in a toy car and play. Hollman isn’t worried about safety, though.

“It’s a gated community. It’s so safe. It’s not like a normal neighborhood.” That could be right. Hollman and her family live in Irving on the Four Seasons golf course and their home is worth about $1.2 million.

Then Redmond and Hollman have a heart-to-heart about that night at the strip club. Redmond reveals that she told her husband, Bryan, about the night and he was less than pleased. Vetch, the entertainer who danced with Redmond, says that seems odd because nothing bad happened.

“Nothing happened — unless something else happened that I didn’t see. As far as her dancing on me, it was pretty normal for working there,” he says. So rest easy, Bryan.

Finally, in the last scene of the episode, Deuber and Hollman meet up with Locken at Bread Winners Cafe, one of the most popular brunch spots in Dallas which we deemed Best Brunch in 2013. The external shot shows the Bread Winners located in Uptown, but they actually dined at the one in Inwood Village.

During this scene, Locken confronts Deuber and Hollman about the poop fiasco that happened in the last episode and then storms off angrily when they don't see her side of things.

Will the poop drama ever end? We hope not! Eek!