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Dallas Really Loves the Dixie Chicks, the City's Most Expensive Summer Concert

Summer is just around the corner, in case you haven't noticed the creeping temperatures and already too-much-to-bear humidity. While the weather should have everyone in Dallas hating themselves in, oh, about a week or so, the tradeoff is that it's also almost summer concert season. That means plenty of blockbusters tours. But which ones are going to be the most affordable?

Ticket resale company Vivid Seats went some ways toward answering that question with a new study that breaks down the median price of some of this year's biggest tours, which include Guns N' Roses at AT&T Stadium and Drake at American Airlines Center. The big takeaway? Dallas really loves the Dixie Chicks.

"The Dixie Chicks are more popular in Dallas than many markets," acknowledges Julia Litz, a Vivid Seats spokesperson. "Dallas is the only market in our top 10 markets where the Dixie Chicks are in the top 3 in terms of median price."

The Dixie Chicks' sold-out August 5 show at Gexa Energy Pavilion is the most expensive on the 22-show list, its median ticket price clocking in at a whopping $557. That's more than $200 higher than the next most expensive show, Drake, which registers at $347.

That $557 figure, by the way, is the highest of any Texas city on the list. Drake is the highest in Austin at $348 — comparable to his Dallas tickets — as well as Houston, where his show is a little more expensive at $399. "The popularity of Drake's new album, Views, may have given his median ticket prices a bump," Litz surmises.

The Dixie Chicks don't appear on the list for either city, however. That's all the more impressive given that their Dallas visit will take place at the sauna formerly known as Starplex. Real commitment, you see.

Also popular in Dallas is Pitbull's show at American Airlines Center on July 22, which comes in just behind Guns N' Roses at $280 but doesn't show up in ether Austin or Houston. Erykah Badu, meanwhile, has quite the draw in Houston, with her two shows this weekend at Arena Theater going for almost $300 each.

Litz is careful to point out that this list isn't strictly a ranking of prices. "These concerts highlight some of the biggest and most buzzed-about artists that will be performing in Dallas this summer," she says. "It is not a list of top concerts by median price." In other words, the choices are a little subjective, but based on the most in-demand tours taking place this summer.

So you may need to do a little planning ahead. If you shell out for those last-minute Dixie Chicks passes, you may need to scale back elsewhere. At $72, Vans Warped Tour may be your best bet for concert No. 2. Or not. But it may be the best bang for the buck.

Check out Vivid Seats' data for Dallas and other North American cities' summer tours here.