Dallas County

Susan Hawk Is Out of the Hospital, Not Back at Work

Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk has been released from the Menninger Clinic in Houston, but isn't ready to return to her job, her office says.

"Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk has returned to Dallas, Texas from the Menninger Clinic in Houston, where she was being treated for depression. She is still under the care of mental health professionals and has not been cleared to return to the District Attorney’s Office. She will remain under the advisement of her doctors as they work to develop a treatment plan and set a return date," the district attorney's office said in a statement.

Hawk admitted herself to the clinic to seek further treatment for depression last month. It was her second stint at Menninger. Last fall, she checked in to the clinic following a bout of severe depression and suicidal ideation. Hawk also sought treatment for a painkiller addiction in 2014.

The district attorney is Dallas' only Republican elected to a county-wide post. Following her 2015 hospitalization, a former employee sued for her removal from office, citing paranoid and often delusional behavior that she said Hawk exhibited. The lawsuit was dismissed, and Hawk kept a mostly low profile until she missed a series of events in May. Following her failure to show up at a Dallas Public Library forum on mental illness and its attendant stigma, Hawk's office announced that she was again seeking treatment.