The Lobster Grilled Cheese is the Lobster Roll's Laid-Back, Indulgent Little Sister

An early memory of my grandmother is her feeding me grilled cheese sandwiches when I would hunker down in her home after faking falling ill during the school year. The buttery pieces of crunchy bread came oozing with cheese and an ingredient no one else has ever used, chopped onions. My grandmother, being an unknowing pioneer of the artisanal grilled cheese, probably never thought of using chunks of lobster as a secondary ingredient. But East Hampton Sandwich Company did.

With locations number five and six opening later this summer in Southlake and North Dallas, East Hampton Sandwich Company’s Hunter Pond has found a niche serving gourmet sandwiches surrounded by décor reminiscent of an open air and breezy storefront along the east coast. Already popping up in the Forbes 30 Under 30, Pond says, “I wanted to create a concept where elevated sandwiches would be made using the finest ingredients available and served in a smart and stylish interior. Large differentiating factors of our brand are that our chefs brine, roast and carve nitrate free meats, skipping out on serving deli meat.” East Hampton’s seasonal menu has been updated and although labeled seasonal, these sandwiches have a shelf life exceeding each quarter’s weather temperament.

Already noted for their lobster roll, East Hampton’s grilled cheese with hearty lobster chunks is a no-frills version with notes taken straight from your youth; a gooey mix of orange and white cheeses between precisely grilled slices of bread, then dressed with shaved Havarti, fresh tomato and slathered with a hybrid condiment, Sriracha dijonaise.
Another seasonal menu update borrows a page from the tailgater’s cookbook: a sandwich with fried chicken doused in buffalo sauce. Typically pungent in flavor and aroma, the blue cheese spread evens the playing field with the spicy buffalo sauce of the chicken, but the scoring drive is set up by the addition of cured bacon slices.

And alas, to the masses who don't eat bread, there's still hope: Any East Hampton sandwich can be ordered as a salad and can be topped off with a shrimp and corn or clam chowder. Leave room for the fluffernutter, a grilled sandwich with creamy peanut butter and marshmallow crème replacing the cheese that would’ve rocked any childhood.