100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes, No. 70: The Smoked Salmon Taco at Tacos Mariachi

Leading up to September's Best of Dallas® 2016 issue, we're sharing (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes, the Dallas entrées, appetizers and desserts that really stuck with us this year.

Tacos Mariachi has a lot of fun with the humble taco. They do the cheap traditional taco, too — carnitas, lengua, barbacoa, all $2.25 each — but the real adventure happens on their "gourmet" and "funky" menus, which are small but incredibly fun to explore.

We've raved before about the pulpo, a grilled marinated octopus taco with asadero cheese and avocado, and the camaron al pesto — made with sauteed shrimp, cilantro pesto, oaxaca cheese and julienne vegetables — packs a ton of savory flavor and a serving of veggies to boot.

Aside from the occasional specials, the real adventure happens on the "gourmet" menu, which has a taco we never thought we'd order: The smoked salmon, which featured a surprisingly large filet of rich smoked salmon robed in a layer of perfectly melted asadero cheese. Topped with avocado, micro greens and crema fresca on a corn tortilla, this $4.25 taco is big, bold and feels — dare we say it? — almost good for you. It certainly is hoity-toity compared to its classic contemporaries, but this is an accessible yet indulgent taco. It's one of so many items that deserve attention at this exceptional (and exceptionally cute) West Dallas taqueria.