Last Week's Dallas Cop Shooting Was a New World Order Conspiracy, Crazy Video Says

As was inevitable. The conspiracy theories about last week's police shooting in Dallas are sprouting. According to YouTube user WhoCares, who crafted the intricate video seen below from footage shot by Central Track intern Sidney Johnson, the bystanders who witnessed Thursday night's ambush in Dallas weren't bystanders at all. They were crisis actors, professionals who led the public to believe in tragedies that didn't actually happen. Besides last week's shootings in Dallas, other false flag operations include shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and Orlando. WhoCares has the armchair analysis of sweat patterns, hats and the way people panic. We suggest you don swimming goggles to prevent your eyeballs from rolling out of their sockets.
The Observer talked to Johnson minutes after the shooting and can confirm he's not a crisis actor and was, in fact, quite disturbed by what happened, but WhoCares believes he's part of a wide-ranging conspiracy with ties to ritual magic using oak tree leaves, NASA's mission to Jupiter and the killings at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. 
WhoCares doesn't claim that the officers who died Thursday didn't die, just that they were killed as part of a false-flag operation meant to solidify a prospective new world order government. It's all insane stuff, so literally unbelievable that it's actually a little funny.

Get out your decoder ring and your tinfoil and check it out: