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Watch Pokemon Go Players Converge on Downtown

Downtown Dallas was the site of a horrific shooting this month, but that hasn't stopped people from readily flocking to the area for entertainment. The free, augmented reality app Pokemon Go allows users to catch animated monsters in their real environments. It has been as frequent a subject of conversation in recent weeks as the shooting, which took place just a day after the game's July 6 release.

Pokemon can often be captured near locations of historical significance. Monday night, we caught up with people playing in Dealey Plaza. One couple had gone for a walk to catch Pokemon and decided to check out the area's landmarks while they were at it. "I've never been to Dealey Plaza," the woman said. "We thought as long as we're on our walk, we might as well check it out." 

Near the Grassy Knoll a family could be seen huddled together playing, and another man played by himself on the steps. When we asked a player what she thought about engaging in such a lighthearted pastime at sites that have been marked by tragedy, she suggested the game is a sort of coping mechanism. "I remember what happened here and I respect that," she said. "At the same time, it's good to have something to take away the darkness a little bit."