La Mañana Siguiente: The Seven Best Mexican Hangover Dishes

Hangover food is its own category of cuisine — and it needs to fit specific criteria. Certain culinary attributes are highly regarded the next day among those who drink in excess: greasy, cheesy, spicy, fatty, filling. One particular style of cuisine easily hits all these marks: Mexican food. 

Feeling like death warmed over? Soak up last night's mistakes with these hangover-friendly dishes. Maybe a little heat will help cook out all that tequila.

Taco El Patron, 10840 Harry Hines Blvd.
For anyone drunk or hungover and no amount of food seems like enough, barbacoa is a friend. This meat is slow-cooked until very tender, with bold flavor and plenty of juicy fat. Even with the gnarliest hangover, it's unlikely more than a couple barbacoa tacos will be needed. This particular taco filling is delicious, easy to find and adept at soaking up alcohol. The tortillas don't hurt, either.

Taqueria Conin, 4500 Bryan St.
There's a reason why eating menudo on New Year's Day has become its own annual tradition. Made from chewy beef stomach and often served at taquerias only on weekends, this soup, with its robust red pepper base, is a sobering experience. A spicy bowl, like Taqueria Conin's, will sweat out every last drop of alcohol. 

Vuelve à la Vida
Mariscos La Reyna, 909 W. Davis St., 517 W. Jefferson Blvd., 1818 S. Buckner Blvd., 3349 W. Illinois Ave., 2406 N. Fitzhugh Ave., 730 W. Main St., Grand Prairie
Vuelve à la Vida means “Come back to life” or “Return to life.” This hangover cure from the sea includes ceviche — fresh raw fish in citrus juices and spiced up with chili peppers — tomato juice, shrimp, octopus and oysters. Common at restaurants on the coasts of Mexico, this is a potent recovery cocktail in a chilled goblet.
Maracas Cocina Mexicana, 2914 Main St.
One of the easier dishes to find on this list at both Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants, chilaquiles is a great hangover helper. With fried corn tortillas as its base, this is obviously a fatty, carb-lover's dish that can be altered in countless ways, often thrown together with leftover ingredients. Beyond fried tortillas, it brings a a protein, usually shredded chicken, along with fried or scrambled eggs. Don't forget the onions, refried beans, avocado and cheese.