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Get Lit With Dallas Cowboys Listening to Their Training Camp Mixtape

Football season is almost upon us, and with the kickoff of the Cowboys' training camp Dallas football fans are one step closer to erasing the words "Brandon Weeden" from their memories. Tony Romo will rebound. They're still in the junk pile known as the NFC East. 9-7, here we come. This year can only get better, right?

Okay, not everything is rosy. That bus accident couldn't have been a good omen. The less said the better about Ezekiel Elliott. And then there's Rolando McClain's purple-drank weight gain, which is actually pretty legit.

Speaking of getting turnt, though, Dem Boyz saw fit to give fans a teaser of what they're using to get amped this week by tweeting out a picture of their team "mixtape" — i.e. an actual cassette tape. Geez, they must really be desperate to relive those early '90s glory days; surely some 30-year-old technology wouldn't hurt.

Except, of course, for the music itself, which goes heavy on the Future and DJ Khaled and is straight 2016. They've only offered up the A-side (you have to flip tapes, you see), so you can only follow along to half the workout — although there may well be more to come. In the meantime, take a listen to what Romo apparently has in his boombox at this very minute, and be prepared to hear each of these songs in rotation during the games this season. (Just saying):