Meet the Jipangi, the Phallic Korean Treat That Just Popped Up in Carrollton

With its — ahem — unique shape, the jipangi ice cream at Carrollton's Bubble Jipangi attracts a lot of attention.

Though some have compared the puffed corn cone to a cane, "J" shape or a "pipe," the snickers overheard in line confirm we're not the only ones who noticed a rather phallic resemblance. The popular Korean treat features a hollow cone filled with ice cream and often topped with fruit or other sweet toppings.

What does the cone taste like? Think Corn Pops or Cap'n Crunch. Pumped full of soft-serve ice cream, it's a pretty tasty contrast of textures. Though it may be a tad awkward to eat, it's worth a little mocking from your friends.

Once you've stopped giggling, select from a few options. Choose the ice cream flavor (chocolate, vanilla or swirl), the cone color (pink or yellow, which taste the same) and the size (junior or original). Sometimes ice cream imitates life; you're likely to remember just how much you don't miss dating. 
Open for about a month now, Bubble Jipangi serves up this popular Korean treat in an adorably quirky cafe. Primary pops of color permeate the space, where Kenny G provides an unlikely soundtrack. Near the bar stools, a wall welcomes you to post your customer loyalty card so you don't forget it at home — your sixth boba or jipangi cone is free.  

Bubble Jipangi, 2640 Old Denton Road, Carrollton