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Demi Lovato's Show at American Airlines Center Was a Dream Come True for the Dallas Native

Demi Lovato
With Nick Jonas
American Airlines Center, Dallas
Monday, Sept. 12, 2016

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas came home last night, and they’re all grown up. Or, at least, that’s the sentiment they wanted the audience to feel at last night’s Future Now concert at the American Airlines Center.

Although Jonas started the Dallas love by saying he was born here, it was Lovato who really made the crowd believe it. "I am so excited to be here tonight," she gushed. "For those of you who don’t know, this is my hometown show. I grew up here in Dallas, Texas, and it’s the best city in the United States."

With what seemed like genuine warmth, Lovato told a story about growing up singing her "favorite song in the world" in her living room and practicing hitting the high notes. She then launched into a touching rendition of Carole King’s "A Natural Woman." (For the record, she hit the high notes just fine.) But the moment that probably hit home the hardest was when she reminisced about having front row seats to a Christina Aguilera concert.

"At one point in the concert, I turned around from the stage and looked at the audience and pretended that it was all for me," Lovato remembered, occasionally pausing for cheers. "I sang my heart out. The people behind me were like, 'What the hell is going on?' But I tell that story because I’m now getting to play this arena and it’s a dream come true for me. So this show is very, very special for me and I hope that it’s as special for you."  
The shoutouts were music to the ears of sisters Lily Alvarado, 22, and Biby Alvarado, 19, who remarked before the concert that they hoped Lovato would throw in something unique for her hometown show. Lily says she went to Cross Timbers Middle School in Grapevine, which is the school Lovato famously begged to leave due to bullying. Lily says she was a little younger and in a different friend group than the 24-year-old singer. 

As for the all-grown-up-now part, the child stars proved they’ve come a long way since Camp Rock, the 2008 movie in which Lovato and Jonas were first introduced to each other. Although 23-year-old Jonas is still growing into his baby face, the younger sibling of the Jonas Brothers showed off his strong, smooth voice, which today is anything but childish. The crowd sang along to the crave-worthy songs from his new album Last Year Was Complicated, such as "Levels," as well as his ever-popular hit "Jealous."

After Jonas kicked things off, Lovato came roaring in with her hits "Confident" and "Heart Attack." After a few songs from Lovato, Jonas came back on stage and the pair showed off their pipes by singing a powerful "Stone Cold" together. Afterwards Jonas laughed and generously noted, "She can sing a little bit, can’t she?" before launching into his new hit "Chainsaw." Later Lovato once again joined him on stage for "Close," which had the crowd roaring. Lovato wrapped up the concert with her popular songs "Skyscraper," "Give Your Heart a Break" and "Cool for the Summer," and she once again thanked Dallas “for one of the best nights of the tour.”
As they joined the crowd shuffling out of the arena, Lily and Biby Alvarado agreed that the concert met their high expectations, and said they especially appreciated Lovato's hometown sentiments. “You could tell that she felt it," Lily said.