Dez Bryant and Royce West Settle Their Lawsuits

Dallas' strangest and most entertaining legal battle of 2016, the squabble between Cowboys superstar wide receiver Dez Bryant and Texas state Senator Royce West, is over. Late Friday afternoon, Bryant and West decided to drop all claims and counterclaims against each other, dismissing their dueling lawsuits. 

West sued Bryant in June, about six months after Bryant moved out of the DeSoto house he was renting from the senator. West claimed Bryant caused about $60,000 in damages to the property before he left, and filed a lawsuit featuring photos of broken windows, filthy carpets and calcified feces. West wanted money for repairs and rental income he said he lost because he couldn't re-rent the house after what Bryant did to it.
Bryant never responded to West's claims, beyond a general denial. Instead, he filed a counterclaim, charging West with ripping him off while West was Bryant's attorney. Bryant also claimed that West introduced him to Dallas bail bondsman David Wells, who Bryant said eventually siphoned off more than $200,000 in endorsement income that should've gone to Bryant.

Through attorneys, West categorically denied Bryant and asked the judge in the case to sanction Bryant for making a demonstrably false claim. He also sought to depose Bryant and Bryant's attorney, Kenneth Broughton, who did not return a request for comment, in an effort to dig deeper into his claims.

Friday's request for dismissal came with little fanfare.

"Dez Bryant and Royce West have settled the disputes between them amicably and have withdrawn all claims and counterclaims," Trey Crawford, West's attorney said.