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All/Everything Begins Expansion Beyond Dallas With First Party in NYC

In the perpetual hot today/cold tomorrow world of the nightlife industry, party themes are a common way to carve out a niche.  But few have been able to garner the cult-like following of the All/Everything Sunday night series at RBC, which launched in February.

If you don’t believe the hype, perhaps last night's announcement that All/Everything is taking their party to New York City this month will convince you. They will take over SOB's in Soho on Dec. 23 and return for a second date at the venue in January. In a short time, the All/Everything team has managed to obtain local support and parlay it into national success.

The weekly dance party is the brainchild of John Stewart and Blue, the Misfit. In case you’re not up to speed, the formula is simple: An artist, group or genre is chosen and the entire night is a sonic homage to music they’ve been involved in creating. The house party atmosphere at each event is electric and at times the crowd will break out in spells of blissful mania.

We spoke to co-curator John Stewart about All/Everything and its growth.

DO: How did the concept of All/Everything come about? Did you and Blue come up with it together?
: Technically the idea was mine but Blue has been involved since the beginning. I threw him the idea and he challenged my view and helped me shape the vision before it ever had an official green light.

What was your initial vision for All/Everything? Did you think it would get this big?

This party was intentionally built to have very long legs. Our goals for the first year were to create a substantial enough following to be booked as a party at Bomb Factory and to take the party on the road. We recently got booked as a party to open for Lil Wayne at Bomb Factory on Jan. 6 and we're officially taking A/E to New York City as a monthly at SOB's, so both of our main goals for the year have been met. Long story short, we built this to last for years, not to be cool once or twice.

How do you all decide what the theme is going to be for each event?
Before we threw the first party back in February, I made a list of 25 parties that I thought could work. Forty parties in and we're only half way through the list at most. The decision usually happens in a five minute conversation on a Sunday night or Monday morning. Blue and I will talk about who is hot, who just dropped, who we haven’t featured, who would be dope to do, etc. Then we have a conference call with Vince Chapa to make the decision for that week. It's a simple and painless process. It's an unending, weekly cycle of curation and promo.

Tell me about the NYC deal. How did it come together?
So, we're taking A/E to NYC on Dec. 23. We're going to be doing All Kanye Everything as our first party at SOB's in Manhattan. It really came together with one phone call. Larry Gold, SOB's owner, loved the idea and was quick to see the promise in our party and our drive to expand. Beyond that, truly, it came together because the city has supported this party since our very first event. If things weren't mutually beneficial with Dallas, this party would have died long ago. Dallas gave us these wings.

Will it be you and Blue, the Misfit deejaying in NYC?
Yes. Blue and I will be deejaying. We also have Lowkey (of Beats 1 Radio) coming to host the party. It should be a great night.

What are your future plans for All/Everything? Are you looking to take it to different cities on a regular basis?
Yes. By our second stop in NYC in January, we plan to have added an additional five to eight markets minimum that we can be hitting on a monthly basis with this party, while still being in Dallas every Sunday to rock. In 2017, our biggest goal, at this point, is to create enough stateside buzz to hit an international market.