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The Most-Read Dallas Observer Food Stories of 2016

This year was many things, but quiet was not one of them. It's always interesting to look back through the year's news — the good, the bad and the incredibly depressing — to see which stories struck a chord with readers. Turns out, y'all are really into Denton, drunk-golfing and eating free nacho cheese by the bucket-full.

Here, in descending order, are the year's most popular Dallas Observer food and drink stories:

11 Dallas Bars Where (Boozing) Adults Eat Free
By far our most popular story of the year exemplified the frugal yet booze-fueled nature of the modern millennial: a list of bars where you can eat free food so long as you're drinking. Y'all are either really cheap or just really smart.

A List of Dallas Restaurants That Refuse Open Carry
On Jan. 1, the new open-carry gun law in Texas took effect, allowing handgun license owners to carry their guns in visible holsters in most public places — except at a number of Dallas restaurants that opted out. From Bar Belmont to the Wild Detectives, a number of the city's favorite spots chose to go gun-free.

An Insider's Guide to Denton's Hidden Dining Gems
If there's one thing we learned this year, it's that y'all love reading about what's happening in Little D. Courtney Jacobs' thorough exploration of Denton's under-the-radar eats obviously struck a chord — and made us really wanna jump in the car and head north.

Drink Beer and Launch Golf Balls at Busted Cars at this New Fair Park Bar
You guys have anger issues.

Stonedeck Pizza Has an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Like Cici's, Except It Doesn't Suck
Obviously you're all stoned as well.

The Best Barbecue Spots in North DFW
When we go to the suburbs, we go for smoked meats. And inexpensive Swedish furniture.

MillerCoors Buys Revolver Brewing
All you need to know about a beer-drinker you'll learn by how they responded to this news.

Dallas Sous Chef Told "Get Out of My Country! We Won!" After Speaking Spanish to His Grandmother
If this isn't a metaphor for 2016, we don't know what is.

This New, Nearly Hidden Taqueria Makes the Best Damn Mexican Street Tacos
It may have been a bad year for ... well ... everything, but it was a good year for tacos.

Dallas Grocery Stores That Let You Drink While You Shop
We've got your back, Dallas.