These Sparkling Geode Easter Eggs Are Made Entirely Out of Chocolate and Edible 24K Gold

Christmas and Valentine's Day are hectic in the chocolate world — especially at Kate Weiser Chocolate, a gourmet Dallas chocolatier with locations in Trinity Groves and NorthPar k Center.

But Easter, Kate Weiser says, is really her shop's time to shine.

"Easter is a little bit slower than both of those, which gives us a chance to get creative," she says.

Every year, Weiser releases limited-edition runs of ornate, 1-foot-tall showpiece Easter eggs. There are 10 different designs (and only 10 eggs made from each design), and the $50 eggs can take up to six hours each to create. They are released in batches starting today and leading up to Easter, and you can find them at both Kate Weiser locations.

"We like things very limited," Weiser says of the small batch of high-end eggs. "We like to keep it exclusive a little bit." Plus, with such an intricate process involved with each egg, mass production really isn't an option.

click to enlarge If you want one of these gorgeous chocolate gems, act fast: Kate Weiser Chocolate only made 10. - KATHY TRAN
If you want one of these gorgeous chocolate gems, act fast: Kate Weiser Chocolate only made 10.
Kathy Tran
This year's showpiece egg collection includes a play on avocados, a popular "moon rock" egg and gorgeous geode eggs, each painstakingly created in several stages from casting to texturizing to the final painting process that gives the "geode" interior depth and sparkle.

The geodes are made entirely of Republica del Cacao from Ecuador, with crumbled chocolate creating the geode-like texture in the interior and colored cocoa butter used to decorate the eggs, which are then garnished with edible 24K gold leaf. The finished product is almost too beautiful to eat, and Weiser says she thinks many egg buyers use them as centerpieces. Sometimes, Weiser says, customers tell her they've still got last year's egg on a shelf in their pantry, which actually disappoints her a little.

"I hope they're eating it at some point," she says with a laugh.

Kate Weiser Chocolate, 3011 Gulden Lane and 8687 N. Central Expressway