You Can't Call Yourself a Dallasite Until You've Been to These Long-Standing Dallas Dive Bars

The burger at Adair's Saloon will only set you back $7.50.
Courtesy of Adair's
The burger at Adair's Saloon will only set you back $7.50.
The dive bar is becoming an endangered species in Dallas. As mixed-use developments and luxury apartment complexes spread around the city, they bring with them trendy new bars and restaurants that serve up $15 cocktails and $20 burgers. But sometimes, you don't need a mixologist – you need a strong drink in a dark bar, and some cheap, greasy food to go with it. If you're in the mood to keep it low-key this weekend, hit up one of these decades-old Dallas dive bar institutions.

There's nothing fancy about Adair's Saloon, and that's a beautiful thing.
Nick Rallo
Adair's Saloon
2624 Commerce St.
Deep Ellum is changing fast, filling with rooftop patios and restaurants specializing in artisanal everything. But through all of the change in the neighborhood in recent years, one thing remains constant: Adair's Saloon, a 30-year-old dive with killer burgers and an old-school jukebox.

The off-menu, late-night corn dog at the Lakewood Landing, a homemade, jalapeño cornbread batter encased around a Rudolph’s sausage.
Patrick Michels
Lakewood Landing
5818 Live Oak St.
If there's one long-standing dive on this list that needs no introduction, it's Lakewood Landing. This 50-year-old bar is as unpretentious as they come, and if you find yourself there as the night begins to wind down, you can treat yourself to the off-menu late-night corn dog made with sausage from Rudolph's meat market.

A patty melt with bacon and jalapeños, aka the Don, at Louie's.
Nick Rallo
1839 N. Henderson Ave.
This 30-year-old bar doesn't give a damn about food trends; it's known for its killer pizzas and straightforward menu items like grilled pork chop, shrimp scampi and corned beef sandwiches. Surrounded by some of Dallas' hippest bars and restaurants, Louie's is refreshing the way only a long-running dive bar can be.

Milo Butterfingers' vibe is classic Texas dive.
Nick Rallo
Milo Butterfingers
5645 SMU Blvd.
It's changed names and locations over the years, but Milo Butterfingers is an impressive 50 years old, and in all those years, not much has changed. Grab a plastic pitcher of cheap beer and a patty melt and get to know regulars who have been frequenting this SMU-area bar for decades.

The Dallasite tends to open for the day whenever the first customer walks through the door.
Nick Rallo
The Dallasite
4822 Bryan St.
At this East Dallas dive, owner Rhonda Nail has hosted a Friday karaoke night for 24 years. Order a classic BLT and sign up to sing your best (or worst) rendition of "Friends in Low Places." At this karaoke institution, there's no judgment — only stiff drinks and committed regulars.