Things To Do

5 Art Events for Your Week

Sister’s Sticker Collection
Ro2 Art at the Magnolia Theatre
1501 S. Ervay St.
12-5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays beginning Wednesday, June 14

Like a tween dream hopped up on Pixy sticks, Adam Palmer’s solo exhibit Sister’s Sticker Collection is throwing it back to the '90s, the decade whose progenies grew up on TRL, TeenNick, and Beanie Babies. Palmer, a Fort Worth high school teacher, grew up in Monahans, a tiny West Texas town where the wheat-colored environs gave rise to visions of neon puppies à la Lisa Frank. The abstract pieces in this show celebrate that unbridled enthusiasm, thanks to the fact that Palmer’s sister had cool stickers when they were kids. Following Thursday’s reception, the show will run through July 18.

Justin Clumpner – Sacred
Kettle Art
2650-B Main St.
Opening reception 5-8 p.m. Friday

For his first solo exhibition at Kettle Art, Justin Clumpner continues to posit America as a Christian nation. Employing newspapers and advertisements as materials of choice, he paints and collages his way into religious narratives with recurring themes that hit on the maddening, the ironic and the absurd. As Clumpner explains, “We have declared ourselves a Christian nation, but problematically the generosity, sacrifice and love of our Christian saints do not align with the needs of contemporary America. We will need new saints. Saints of greed and division.” Following the opening reception, the exhibition will run through July 8.

click to enlarge COURTESY KETTLE ART
courtesy Kettle Art
Figure Drawing in the Studio
Basement Gallery
115 S. Beckley Ave.
5-7 p.m. Saturday

Rest assured: If you go, you’re more mature than many of us because models will be present, and you’ll be creating renderings of their nude bodies. Basement Gallery wants you to draw them like one of your French girls. Just bring $10 and your own papyrus and sketching apparatuses.

courtesy Basement Gallery
Interstate (pictured at top)
Art Beef / Beefhaus
833 Exhibition Ave.
7-10 p.m. Saturday

Here’s what we know about Interstate. Six artists were traversing through Texas, probably not together. Their backgrounds were different. Each dabbled in his or her artistic genre because variety is the spice. Rather than trying to act like they were the same, they chose to celebrate their differences, and a Beefhaus show was born. Curated by Luke Harnden and Paul Winker, the show features works by Chris Cascio, Kristen Cochran, Andy Grotfeldt, Lane Hagood, Paul Kremer and Josh Reyes.

courtesy Mighty Fine Arts
Closing: The High Show
Mighty Fine Arts
419 N. Tyler St.
Closes Saturday

“I thought I had turned invisible, July 1987.” Well damn, Andy Don Emmons, you weren’t invisible, but why didn’t you say something earlier? The gallery says it can’t promise you’ll get high just by going to the show (although you might get a contact buzz). But it could lube up your inhibitions just enough for you to have a good time.