Four Tiki Cocktails to Sip This Week in Dallas

Rapscallion's In Love With the Coco is a delightfully frigid take on the piña colada.
Kathy Tran
Rapscallion's In Love With the Coco is a delightfully frigid take on the piña colada.
Sunday kicks off the first Dallas Tiki Week, a celebration of tiki cocktails and the bartenders who do them right. In honor of the five-day event and its many bar crawls and cocktail contests — and in honor of our 2017 Dallas Summer Drinking Guide, on newsstands now — here are four tiki cocktails to sip this week as we say goodbye to spring and jump sweaty headfirst into a North Texas summer.

Rapscallion's In Love With the Coco
This frozen $14 cocktail, a part of Rapscallion's extensive tiki menu, is a summer must made with rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, lime juice and falernum, an almond and ginger syrup used in tiki drinks, and served in a plastic coconut.

Jettison's Escorpion is a mezcal play on the classic tiki scorpion.
Beth Rankin
Jettison's Escorpion
As part of its summer menu, Jettison in Sylvan Thirty has released a small menu of creative takes on tiki classics such as the Escorpion, a mezcal- and tequila-filled play on the scorpion. A crown of flames atop a slice of lime gives the Escorpion an added sense of theater.

Small Brewpub's Tiki Tuesday is an inexpensive way to indulge in Dallas tiki cocktail culture.
Beth Rankin
Small Brewpub's The Iconoclast
Every Tuesday night, Small Brewpub hosts Tiki Tuesday, by far the city's most affordable night of tiki cocktails and bar snacks. To really get to know Small's tiki program, start with The Iconoclast, made with Jamaican dark rum, grapefruit juice, rum-based allspice liqueur and Small's passionfruit sour beer.

Rapscallion's Have You Seen My Keys is an Instagrammable creation.
Susie Oszustowicz

Rapscallion's Have You Seen My Keys
You can't get the tiki experience in Dallas without exploring the drink menu at Rapscallion. Its most popular drink: the Have You Seen My Keys, an Instagrammable creation made with rhum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut and a syrup made from the Peruvian chicha morada.