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Bachelorette Brings Suitors to Her Parents' Dallas 'Home,' Where They Don't Live

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Rachel Lindsay is trying to fool everyone into thinking this is her parents' Highland Park home. But we know better.
We're in Dallas! After weeks and weeks of long, emotionally exhausting two-hour episodes in which everyone is wine drunk and crying, Dallas lawyer and Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay finally took her suitors to her "beloved" hometown. In Dallas, they would meet her family in her parents' wonderful Highland Park home.

But wait.

According to blogger Reality Steve, things aren't what they seem. Lindsay's family filmed in a home for sale. No one is certain why, but the five-bedroom, eight-bath, 8,000-square-feet home is pretty nonetheless.

And wait again. Lindsay's father, Judge Sam A. Lindsay, was nowhere to be seen during this episode because "he's not able to meet any of the men." Excuse me? Why are we watching if a district judge isn't going to judge Eric, Bryan and Peter in the comfort of his faux Highland Park home?

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Rachel and Peter went shopping for baby clothes at this West Village store.
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Either way, this isn't normal. Lindsay is changing the game. Usually, the remaining two men meet the family, not the remaining three men. This shakes the men up a bit.

In fact, Eric keeps whispering "damn" and "this will be interesting" under his breath — and other things you shouldn't say in front of your girlfriend right before you meet her family.

But that doesn't matter! Lindsay is happy in Dallas! We see her strolling through West Village, waving at store owners and beaming like someone who is about to dump two men and get engaged on television.

The men are staying at the Hilton Anatole at Wycliff Avenue and Interstate 35, where in their downtime, they talk to one another about their mutual girlfriend.

Lindsay picks Peter up at the hotel and takes him to Sweet As Sugar Children's Boutique to pick out an outfit for her sister's babies. "If you get the baby something with stripes, you're already winning," Lindsay says to poor Peter, who's not good at picking out baby clothes. Fun!

Then she takes Eric to Reunion Tower to drink Champagne and eat fruit. "Wow, this is so high," Eric whispers to himself on top of the building. Love!

Bryan gets a date to HG Sply Co. to meet Lindsay's friends. "I thought he was a douchebag," Lindsay says to her friends about Bryan right in front of him. Sweet!

All the men meet Lindsay's family sans the judge. Then they fly to Spain, which is not Dallas, so we do not care anymore.