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Watch Denton Folk Musician Doug Burr Busk at UNT

Ten years after the release of his breakthrough album, On Promenade, folk musician Doug Burr is still on a quest for work-life balance.

Dallas-based video producers of Globe Trek Productions met with the Denton songwriter on the University of North Texas campus for the latest installment of its busking series, and in between performances of two newer songs, Burr opened up about his family life and career, which began in the church.

"I had regular church gigs and was starting to want to play out at clubs and stuff," Burr says in the video. "I knew there was a fork in my road."

As he walks around UNT, Burr performs "Visible Noise" from 2015's White Night, Black Light and the 2016 single "Country Girls in City Dresses" on harmonica and acoustic guitar.

Burr admits he doesn't play out as much as he'd like to these days, but Dan's Silverleaf and Harvest House are among his favorite Denton spots. If he's with his kids, it's Atomic Candy. Burr says when he finds time to write music, he digs into topics he's explored in his reading.

"There's a lot of inward Doug that comes out in the music, but what seems to really be the faucet running for me music-wise is reading. Any good literature," he says. "I read a lot of the Bible, too — that plays a lot into it."