Discover 5 Best Magic Mushroom Gummies That Actually Feel Good

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Discover 5 Best Magic Mushroom Gummies That Actually Feel Good

With the increase in demand for magic mushrooms, there has been an expansion of products that allow you to experience their potential therapeutic effects. Thanks to their ancient use, the effects of these magic mushrooms are much more recognized these days, and you can find different types of mushroom products - from dried mushrooms to popular shroom gummies.

During our research, we came to the conclusion that Sour Apple Magic Mushroom Gummies by Tre House stood out as the best overall choice because they offer a reliable, tasty, and high-quality option. Our research process included a review of several other quality magic gummies. We have successfully considered their potential advantages, side effects, and user reviews to reliably present you with the top picks. This thorough approach ensures that our recommendations are based on the most up-to-date information, which can further facilitate your choice.

Awesome Magic Mushroom Gummies Picks

1. Tre House's Sour Apple Magic Mushroom Gummies - Best Overall

Rating 9.8/10

If you can't wait to experience the world of magic mushrooms, then Sour Apple gummies from Tre House should be your first choice. This premium product is made from entirely natural ingredients. It is at the top of our list because it received the highest user rating and positive reviews on its website. There is also a 60-day guarantee policy and confirmed potency effectiveness. Get ready to discover the fascinating benefits of these gummies.


  • Juicy sour taste
  • Serving:15 gummies per pack
  • 3rd party lab-testing
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Vegan friendly
  • Do not contain Psilocybin
  • 60-day guarantee
  • Made in USA


  • Somewhat pricey
  • It may cause psychotropic effects or drowsiness
  • Not suitable for those under the age of 21
  • Potential adverse reactions

User Reviews & Effects

According to Tre House’s official website, users are delighted with this blend of mushrooms as it helps in relaxation and can even cause euphoric experiences. Amanda G. wrote: Reduces anxiety, top-notch mood, highly motivated, clear-headed. Puts me in the mood to dance and have fun”. Consumers describe these gummies as a fuzzing, mind-melting experience with a happy feeling. Due to the high ratings and many reviews, we can see that the reactions to their effects are very positive.

Why Sour Apple Mushroom Gummies?

They are the customer’s favorite. These gummies do not contain psilocybin, which is one of their main advantages; although they are psychoactive, they do not provide a feeling like traditional mushrooms. These shrooms may be the right option for those seeking a legal substitute. However, remember that the legality of mushroom products varies from state to state, so check the legality in your state before ordering.

General Disclaimer

Before trying Magic Mushroom Gummies, learning more and carefully reading about its associated risks is crucial. Click the link for more information about mushroom gummies and their potential implications.

2. Binoid's Microdose Mushroom Gummies - A unique blend of mushrooms

Rating 9.7/10

Thanks to constant innovation, Binoid's unique blend of mushroom gummies has become very popular with users. According to its official website reviews, with a rating of 4.9/5, Microdose Mushroom Gummies took one of the leading positions on our list. You can try it in flavors such as Cosmic Candy, Berry Snow Cone, Trippy Tropical, or a Mixed pack of 20 gummies. Binoid is an excellent choice for potency and great flavors in one package.


  • Juicy berry flavors
  • Serving:20 gummies per pack
  • 3rd party lab-testing
  • Exclusive blend of mushrooms
  • Contains hemp-derived THC
  • Do not contain Psilocybin
  • Very potent


  • It may cause difficulty in focusing
  • Due to its higher potency, better solutions exist for those with lower tolerance.
  • Not suitable for those under the age of 21

User Reviews & Effects

Users gave Binoid's gummies the highest rating on One customer wrote, These gummies are not only delicious, but they also provide a wonderful way to microdose mushrooms.”

Most of the comments on its official website show that users are satisfied with the effects, which they describe as chill, relaxing, mood-boosting, and better for depression than any antidepressant. However, some comment that one should take these magic mushrooms cautiously because reactions can be unpredictable.

Why Microdose Magic Mushroom?

Binoid surpassed himself this time and created a gem in the line of mushrooms gummies products. With the ideally balanced benefits of mushrooms, without Psilocybin and high potency, Microdose Magic Mushroom should be on your shopping list. The price is within the average range, and you can often find great discounts on their website.

3. Road Trip's Desert Stardust Magic Mushroom Gummies - Best for Relaxed and Attentive Sensations

Rating 9.5/10

Coming in third on our list is Stardust Mushroom Gummies, thanks to the unique mix of mushrooms and great fruity flavors. These gummies are popular among users who appreciate good taste, which we can see in the hundreds of positive comments on the Erth Wellness website. Based on the majority of reviews as well as the available information about the product on the website, we can summarize its pros and cons.


  • Fruity and tasty flavors: Pineapple, Strawberry, Green Apple
  • Serving: 8 gummies per pouch
  • 3rd party lab-testing
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Ease of Dosing
  • Convenient and Discreet


  • Some users might find the product a bit pricey.
  • Not suitable for those under the age of 21
  • It can produce a range of adverse effects

User Reviews & Effects

Overall, users had more positive comments than negative ones, mainly highlighting the balanced effects and use of clean and natural ingredients. Daniel M. wrote: “Phenomenal and yummy! Definitely worth the hype!

Users also singled out the balanced dosage, gradually lifting the mood to deep and powerful sensations. However, some report that it takes time for the gummies to take effect, so they advise caution to avoid excessive consumption. For more detailed reviews and user experiences, you can visit Erth Wellness or Judge me.

Why Dessert Stardust Mushroom Gummies?

Road Trip's Stardust Mushroom Gummies are suitable for those who want to experience a delightful fruity taste and lightheaded sensations. However, it is essential to consider all the pros and cons we have listed before deciding on this product. Convenient packaging, a variety of tastes, and spotted therapeutic effects make them very attractive for users who want to try alternative methods of magic mushrooms.

4. Blue Moon's Magic Mushroom Gummies - Excellent Value for Money

Rating 9.4/10

Magic packed into 2000mg of distinctive gummies from Blue Moon. Composed of an interesting blend of mushrooms such as Lion's Mane, Chaga, and Reishi, this is truly a product you should not pass up. With a refreshing taste of pineapple, the addition of Delta-8 THC, an affordable price, and user ratings, Blue Moon fully deserves to be on our list of the best mushroom gummies.


  • The refreshing taste of pineapple
  • Serving: 10 gummies per pouch
  • Lab-tested
  • Chill and nice effects
  • The benefits of a variety of mushrooms
  • Good value for money


  • Mild effects
  • Contains sugar (higher calorie intake)
  • Non-Heat Resistant
  • You must be 21 years or older to purchase

User Reviews & Effects

Although there are just a few reviews about Blue Moon’s magic gummies, the comments are quite positive. Most users rated high for the taste, chill effects, and unique sensation of unwinding after a stressful day. They mostly agree that these gummies are well-rounded and have great effects!

Why Blue Moon’s Magic Mushroom Gummies?

Unlike similar products, this product stands out for their lower price and unusual blend of great mushrooms like Lion's Mane and Delta 8. Research shows that this mushroom can reduce irritability and anxiety while helping with memory loss, while Chaga, for example, helps boost immunity. These gummies are the ideal solution for those who want to take the benefits of mushrooms in an accessible and much tastier form.

5. Magical Shroom's Mushroom Gummies Fruity Blend - The Strongest Shroom Gummies

Rating 9.2/10

Magical Shroom's fruit-flavored blend of Mushroom Gummies has also made its way to our list, although there is little user experience that we could rely on. What sets it apart from similar products is the bold mixture of substances such as Muscimol, Muscarine, and isotonic acid, as well as the precise dosing of each bite. That potent, lab-tested blend can offer you a powerful experience. It is convenient, packed in a pouch with 4 gummies, thus facilitating dosing depending on tolerance. The price is also affordable if you catch one of their frequent promotions.


  • Enjoyable fruity flavor
  • Serving: 4 gummies per pouch
  • A 100-day guarantee
  • Containing Muscimol
  • Discreet packaging


  • Not many reviews
  • You must be 21 years or older to purchase
  • It contains muscarine, so caution is needed

User Reviews & Effects

Based on the very few reviews, we found that these muscimol gummies have very chill and relaxing effects. They also have a nice, pleasing taste. Thanks to ingredients like muscimol and muscarine, this fruity blend can potentially improve the immune system and boost energy and vitality. However, we must also mention the psychoactive parts that Amanita Muscaria brings to the blend, such as psychedelic euphoria and intense euphoria.

Why Mushroom Gummies Fruity Blend?

If you are a fan of mushrooms like Amanita Muscaria and its potential effects, you should go for this blend. The intense fruity flavor that masks the mushrooms and the strength of 500mg in each gummy should be enough to give you a transformative experience. Additional benefits are discreet packaging, an affordable price, and a 100-day warranty.

How We Picked the Best Magic Mushroom Gummies?

We relied on several criteria to choose the best mushroom gummies on the market. First, we selected brands with third-party lab test results published on their websites. This convinced us that their gummies are properly dosed and pure. We chose products with mostly natural ingredients, i.e., products without or with minimal added ingredients, artificial colors, and flavors.

Perhaps the most important criterion that guided us was user reviews. Although we all react differently to tastes, potency, and effects, the comments gave us an insight into the expected effects and sensations. Choosing shroom gummies that meet these criteria guarantees that we have chosen high-quality products with optimal effects.

What are Magic Mushroom Gummies?

Magic mushrooms, or as the Aztecs called them, the “flesh of the gods,” are rooted in the tradition of civilizations like the Mayans and the old Algerian empire. With such a history, it is no wonder that their use has continued to this day. The ingredient responsible for their long-term use is certainly psilocybin, which leads to desired psychedelic effects. However, we have to mention that some mushroom gummies do not contain psilocybin, so their effects are slightly different.

Uncommon Magic Mushroom Benefits You Need to Know

Treatment of Anxiety, PTSP, and Depression

It has been observed that psilocybin helps reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. According to one study, even 80% of participants had a significantly positive response after therapy with psilocybin. Smaller studies have also included patients with PTSD and OCP, during which the researchers recorded reduced trauma symptoms after treatment with psilocybin.

Reducing Addiction

Numerous users commented how the consumption of magic gummies helped them fight alcohol or cigarette addiction. Also, there are ongoing studies on whether the combination of substances found in magic mushrooms can cause the breakage of the addiction chain.

Side Effects of Magic Mushroom You Should Be Aware Of

The benefits of consuming magic mushrooms have been well known since ancient times, but we must address some potential side effects you should be aware of. The research and medical literature often mention:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Fear
  • Agitation
  • Confusion
  • Mood changes
  • Headache
  • Elevated blood pressure

Most of these effects can occur if you take a hefty dose of mushrooms or if you overdose. What you also need to know is that according to some studies, the consumption of magic mushrooms does not cause typical addiction.

3 Safety Tips When Taking Magic Mushroom Gummies

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery or do activities requiring you to concentrate or react quickly. Ingredients in magic mushrooms can impair motor function or increase reaction time.

If you are a beginner in using magic mushrooms, always have a sober person next to you for support. It can help you control your experience as well as direct unexpected situations. A trusted person can increase your sense of security when consuming.

Start with smaller doses. If you are not that experienced with magic mushrooms or you are trying new blends, it is most rational to take a smaller dose and check how your body and mind will react. Remember that it is always easier to add a new dose than to undo an overdose. We also advise you to hydrate and eat quality food to stay balanced.


Looking back, we see that magic mushrooms had significant uses for their effects on the mind, and today, they are recognized for their therapeutic potential. The current trends in the demand and research of magic mushroom products tell us that the future certainly looks bright, especially regarding their therapeutic properties in treating mental health.

On the other hand, there is also a widespread demand for delicious mushroom gummies that enable the enjoyment of these benefits in a tastier way. To find the right choice for you, do your research or keep an open mind and check out the brands and products we have offered in this article. We are sure you will find the right choice and enjoy it thoroughly.

FAQ | Magic Mushroom Gummies

Are magic mushroom gummies psychedelic?

Some magic mushroom gummies do not contain psilocybin, so they do not produce psychedelic effects, while the ones with psilocybin can.

Where to buy magic mushroom gummies?

You can buy magic mushroom gummies from legal sellers through their official online stores. However, remember that the legality of these products varies from state to state, so it's best to check the law in the state where you live.

How long do magic amanita mushroom gummies last?

If stored properly, amanita mushroom gummies can stay in good quality for a long time, while the usual shelf life is up to a year.

Are magic mushroom gummies legal?

In the USA, the legality of mushroom gummies depends on the state in which you are living. Psilocybin is decriminalized for personal use mostly, and you can now buy mushroom gummies without psilocybin, i.e., the legal version. Keep in mind that laws change, so stay informed.

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