Dr. Ketam Hamdan Uses a Mix of Brain Science & Ancient Wisdom to Educate People on Mental Health Issues

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Dr. Ketam Hamdan Uses a Mix of Brain Science & Ancient Wisdom to Educate People on Mental Health Issues

There is no denying that for most people, the concept of mental health or self-development is vague and confusing. It appears to be more of a luxury than a necessity.

Dr. Ketam Hamdan denounces these concepts that undermine the power of mental health and the role it plays in your happiness. She is a staunch believer in using science to understand the human brain and behaviors to promote healing and wellness. According to her, “Most people have mental models that they are not even aware that they need to change that is hurting them. For example, I have to be in a relationship; I have to graduate, I have to have a corner office, I have to get more money, etc. And then I will be happy. This mental model ruins people’s lives and robs them of living a well-lived life. I teach them to understand their mental models and how to reframe them.”

Dr. Hamdan is a licensed therapist, educator, influencer, and purpose-driven leader. She wears multiple hats and blends wonderfully in each role she plays, whether it is being the mother to her beautiful children, a wife, or a guide to those seeking peace and tranquility in life. She is doing her private practice at Brain Health Center, where she provides fantastic services such as brain scans to highly functioning executives, lawyers, doctors, high net worth individuals, helping them work on issues that hamper their path to success and deviate them from leading the glorious life they are meant to live.

What sets her apart from the other mental health professionals is her unique approach to therapy which is a perfect blend of Eastern wisdom and holistic traditions with Western science concepts. Sharing her modus operandi, she says, “I embody principles of the east and merge it with western content and knowledge. Eastern beliefs, be it from religion or ancient wisdom are not in conflict with western knowledge. In fact, modern science about mental health is actually reinforcing a lot of spiritual traditions and beliefs.”

She cites examples of various spiritual traditions that emphasize the importance of prayer or meditation. Now modern neuroscience has proven what meditation does to the human brain and its role in diminishing stress in our lives, thus improving overall mental health. As a professional with academic achievements and years of experience to back her purpose, she believes that spiritual beliefs are not in conflict but following modern-day mental health. As she says, “Science is showing us that we have to embody our core beliefs AND work on our mental health. In failing to do so we will not be able to fully heal or reach our true potential.”

Dr. Hamdan, aka the Brain Health Doctor, is a true inspiration as she transforms lives and enables people to look deep inside themselves to heal and prosper. You can check out the brain doctor’s life-changing content on Instagram: @brainhealthdoc.

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