Eastern European Sphere: Places You Must Visit this Summer

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Eastern European Sphere: Places You Must Visit this Summer

Eastern Europe is one of the best places to visit if you’re planning a fun vacation but don’t necessarily want to break the bank. Although when thinking about Europe, many people don’t initially consider Eastern Europe as an option, this region really has a lot to offer.

One of the most obvious benefits of Eastern Europe not being among the most popular choices is the fact that no matter where you travel to, the place won’t be overcrowded with other tourists. This will enable you to get a better feel for the local cultures and provide you with a deeper understanding of how they spend their day-to-day lives.

Additionally, all of the countries in this region offer breathtaking scenery - both in terms of nature and architecture - as well as a plethora of fun activities people of all walks of life can enjoy. What’s more, Eastern Europe is generally speaking quite a budget-friendly vacation destination, which means you can still enjoy a fulfilling vacation full of new experiences, even if you don’t have a big travel budget to rely on.

So, with that in mind, let’s explore some of the best places to visit this summer.

Tour castles in Romania

Romania is quite an underrated travel destination, but don’t let that discourage you. This country has a lot to offer to anyone who’s willing to give it a chance. From Medieval towns and castles, to wooden churches of the Maramureş, Romania boasts some breathtaking, and almost fantasy-like architecture. If you wish to explore Romania further, visit some of the more rural areas and get a feel for the traditional peasant culture, where horse carts are still a prevalent sight. If outdoor adventures are more appealing to you than simply sightseeing, Romania also has a plethora of parks and hiking trails to offer.

Enjoy your time in Latvia

Latvia is a beautiful country, with the capital city Riga being one of the most attractive places to visit. If you like to go sightseeing, Riga boasts many stunning sights that, of course, include the Riga Dome Cathedral and the Riga Castle. Once you get tired of exploring and sightseeing, you’ll still have plenty of fun activities to partake in at your disposal. Grab a cup of coffee at the nearest coffee shop and enjoy exploring the games that this Latvian casino has to offer while on the go, because nothing beats sipping good coffee and enjoying a nice summer breeze while playing some of your favorite casino games. Alternatively, you can also check out the bustling nightlife and go bar or night-club hopping. Be warned, however, that the prices of beverages are generally quite low in Latvia, so make sure you don’t go overboard.

Check out the festivals in Lithuania

Aside from pristine nature, wild, dune-backed beaches and national parks, Lithuania is also home to some of the most unique festivals. The Centenary Song Festival is held every June in the capital Vilnius. This festival is a real extravaganza full of folk music, costumes, dance and art, and is certainly a sight to be seen. Day of Dew, also known as St John’s Day that’s celebrated on June 24th is another festival you definitely need to visit. The festival is held each year on midsummer’s eve and the locals stay up all night to greet dawn. In town and village squares people dance, sing and celebrate, and in the countryside locals light numerous bonfires, gather herbs in moonlight and collect first morning dew. Needless to say, these festivals offer quite a unique tourist experience not many other places can offer.

Overall, summertime is the best time to explore Eastern Europe. With a plethora of activities, festivals, organized excursions and hiking trails waiting to be explored, Eastern Europe certainly has something to offer to any type of traveler.

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