Navigating Life's Trails Through Song: Cliffs + Caves Launch Lost The Trail EP

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Navigating Life's Trails Through Song: Cliffs + Caves Launch Lost The Trail EP

As the radiant spring sunrise broke the horizon on May 26, the mother-daughter duo Cliffs + Caves unveiled their long-anticipated six-track EP, Lost The Trail. The offering seamlessly merges life's multifaceted experiences with a resonant blend of indie-Americana music. Each meticulously crafted song forms a narrative of human experience and connection that transcends the auditory. With Lost The Trail, Lindsey and Claire Justice skillfully cultivate an environment of empathy and human connection, their lyrics holding a comforting hand out to those navigating through life's complexities. The EP underscores the potent truth that sometimes a collection of songs is more than an album: it's a guidebook to navigating the trails of life itself.

Each track on Lost The Trail, "Sunrise", "Mint Gum", "Eso Si Que Es", "Radiant", "The Coop", and "Knew My Name”, veers through life's wilderness, weaving narratives of love, heartbreak, struggle, and perseverance through folk-inspired rhythms and poignant lyrics. The EP's title, Lost The Trail, encapsulates the profound recognition of life's unpredictability and its paradoxical beauty. Lindsey and Claire shaped their work as a beacon, lighting the path for those grappling with life's sudden twists and turns.

A case in point is the track "Knew My Name", a touching tribute to Alzheimer's Awareness Month. Inspired by their own experiences with family member’s dementia and the hardships that come with that, Cliffs + Caves extend a sincere connection to their listeners through the emotional depth of their lyrics that offers a sense of therapy and kinship to those affected by Alzheimer's and dementia. “The lyrics of this song "Knew My Name" honor those special moments I want to remember about each of them,” says Lindsey Justic - speaking about her own family members affected by the disease and who inspired this song. “The things we've already passed down by sharing those things with our own children: walking through creek beds looking for arrowheads, searching for shark teeth in the sand, finding feathers in the grass, rolling out the biscuit dough, finger painting messes on the floor, planting pansies in the front yard, laying a blanket down to count shooting stars…. we hope this song will meet people in their struggle and help them feel less alone- and focus on the things they want most to remember and will always make them smile about the happiest memories with their loved one.”

In addition to using their music as a solace, the EP also underscores the evolution of the mother-daughter relationship between Lindsey and Claire. Showcased through their joint songwriting, their unique bond has become an avenue for exploring their personal growth and shared experiences. The lyrics reflect not only the hardships but also the moments of joy they encountered together.

For example, Claire, now a college student, explains how Lost The Trail mirrors her current phase of life. Her path, though diverging from what she imagined, is filled with exciting and unprecedented exploration. Meanwhile Lindsey, in reflection, speaks about how the raw honesty in their shared songwriting has become a profound bonding experience. Overall, their music embraces life's wilderness, fostering acceptance of the unforeseen, the whole not-knowing-what-lies-ahead aspect of life, and ensuring no one feels alone on this journey.

Their genre, self-defined as indie-Americana, is influenced by modern alternative music icons like Maggie Rogers, Phoebe Bridgers, Boy Genius, and Noah Gundersen. The duo's music creates a harmony of chill and uplifting tunes, fitting for those floating down the river or hiking the Grand Tetons, making summer adventures all the more memorable.

Through their profound lyricism and shared musical talent, Cliffs + Caves offer listeners not just a soundtrack to their summer jaunts, but a companion to accompany them on life's long and winding road. Their newest EP, Lost The Trail, is an intimate voyage through the trials and triumphs of life, a testament to an evolving relationship between a mother and daughter, and a heartfelt embrace to those battling the complexities of existence. This inspired collection of stories, emotions, and memories, serves as a beacon, illuminating the path for those who feel they have lost their way.

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