Why is Holle Bio Stage 1 best for your infant?

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Why is Holle Bio Stage 1 best for your infant?

Holle Bio Formula Stage 1 milk is a unique formula specifically designed for infants. It has been formulated with the best ingredients to give your child the healthy start in life.

Holle Bio Formula Stage 1 milk is a formula that can be used to help support the growth of your baby's immune system. This milk has a combination of vitamins and minerals that will help maintain the health of your baby's digestive and nervous systems.

This formula has been designed to meet the nutritional needs of infants through the first year of life, and it is free from all non-nutritive sweeteners and artificial flavors. It also has no added colors or preservatives.

When is Breastfeeding not a safe option?

  • If the mother has been diagnosed with a medical condition
  • Mother is infected with an illness like HIV
  • Chemotherapy is administered to the mother
  • When premature babies require a particular type of nutrition.
  • Infants born with uncommon genetic disorders like phenylketonuria or galactosemia.
  • Mother is currently on a few meds. These drugs can harm the infant and are transmitted through breast milk. As a result, it is usually advised to talk to your doctor before breastfeeding your child about all your drugs.

Why Holle Bio Stage 1?

  • Superior organic Demeter milk
  • Suitable for making whole-grain porridge as well as for feeding babies in bottles.
  • No corn syrup, sugar, or additional flavors or colors are added.
  • Free of soy and gluten
  • Easily absorbed in the stomach
  • Strictly regulated for pollutants
  • Only from organic farming,
  • Verified by certification as per EU requirements
  • Contains DHA (Omega 3) and ARA (Omega 6)


Step 1

Boil fresh drinking water and cool it to about 104–122 degrees Fahrenheit (40–50° C).

Step 2

Fill the bottle with half the required amount of water.

Step 3

After leveling the formula powder on the measuring spoon, fill it. Fill the bottle with the recommended dosage of the formula.

Step 4

Shake the bottle well after closing it. Shake again after adding the remaining water.

Step 5

Cool to a comfortable drinking temperature of about 98.6° F or 37 C. A thermometer can be used to check the temperature.

Nutritional Information

Organic maltodextrin, organic skimmed milk powder, organic whey product partially demineralized whey powder, organic vegetable oils like palm oil, organic rapeseed oil, and organic sunflower oil, organic skimmed milk, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron lactate, zinc sulfate, niacin, calcium D-pantothenate, copper sulfate, vitamin A.

Final Thoughts

Holle Bio organic milk is an excellent option for parents looking for a healthy and organic alternative to breast milk. While it isn't quite as convenient as ready-to-drink formula, it can be mixed with water or formula to make an instant bottle. In addition, it's completely free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and flavor enhancers.

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