Your 2023 Guide to All Things Dallas

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Your 2023 Guide to All Things Dallas

Being the second largest state in the country, Texas has a lot to offer businesses looking to shore up their bottom line. Dallas billboards and radio spots are great ways to capitalize on the many facets of the city’s culture. With strategic advertising, your company can access specific demographics or a wider audience than your marketing team thought possible. By breaking down Dallas into its cultural components, you can get a better understanding of its people. Let’s dive in!

The Local Lifestyle

Dallas exemplifies the border status of its home state. A cultural melting pot, the bustling city stakes claim to both Mexican-American and Southern customs and traditions. Often lumped together with its neighbor, Fort Worth, the two cities make up the most populated metropolitan area in the southern United States. With affordable mortgages and a reasonable rental market, that number is constantly rising.

With the addition of a booming economy, Dallas has seen an influx of millennials looking for a place to settle down. Quality education and green suburbs make it the perfect spot to raise a family, while mild winters are great for retirees. Rush hour traffic makes Dallas billboards especially useful for keeping your business in the minds of commuters. Highways 380 and 635 are especially notable for slowdowns when drivers are looking for roadside visuals!

Getting Down to Business

The soaring economy in Texas has certainly found roots in Dallas. The city is the home base for over 65,000 businesses, with industry leaders like Texas Instruments and AT&T amongst their ranks. Some takeaways about the Dallas business environment include the following:

  • Corporate headquarters: Thanks to its quality transportation, metro system, and affordable business and cost-of-living averages, 656 companies make their headquarters within the Dallas city limits.
  • Fortune 500 companies: The city boasts over 20 Fortune 500 companies, including Exxonmobil, JCPenney, GameStop, and the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.
  • Regulations and taxes: With no local or state income tax on its residents or corporate or personal income tax, companies and their employees can enjoy the fifth lowest tax burden in the U.S.

The Dallas Central Business District sees a wealth of both foot and vehicular traffic. Placing billboards in downtown Dallas is prime for targeted business-to-business advertising that hits a career-minded market.

More Than Cowboys

From such cultural havens as the Perot Museum of Nature and Science to rocking it out at the House of Blues, there’s something for everyone in downtown Dallas. With a number of entertainment venues and eateries to choose from, advertising to the late-night crowd is definitely worthwhile. Add in a spate of live concerts and events scheduled throughout 2023, and you’re sure to find a demographic worth tapping into.

Another way to connect with the younger crowd is through the universities scattered around the city. Dallas billboards around the University of North Texas campus, along with the Southern Methodist University and the University of Dallas, are perfect locations to garner student goodwill. Sports enthusiasts can check out Super Bowl champs the Dallas Cowboys, as well as the Mavericks and Stars for basketball and hockey respectively.

Day Trips and Biking Tours

Tourism is a critical part of the Dallas economy and has had a big comeback as the pandemic waned. In 2022, the total visitation levels were projected to come close to pre-COVID levels with visitors spending close to $4.4 billion. Advertisers can take advantage of these statistics by featuring billboards in Dallas that cater to the tourist demographic. There are several things to keep in mind when developing such a strategy, such as:

  • 57% of visitors stayed overnight as opposed to those making single-day trips.
  • 25% of the average visitor dollar was spent on hotels and lodging.
  • Domestic guests far outweighed foreign visitors by over 96%.
  • Tourism accounts for most lodging employment, but only 15% and 6% of food and beverage and retail employment respectively.
  • Dallas is leading the recovery in hospitality jobs across the United States.

With this information, marketing teams can gear advertising strategies to accommodate their specific goals. For example, a campaign aimed at foreign tourists would likely perform poorly, while playing up the patriotic aspect of the city may appeal to a more domestic audience.

Making Dallas Work for You


Dallas is a bustling city with a booming economy and a wealth of entertainment to keep the locals happy. Traversing the city via roadway makes Dallas billboards great options for companies that want to expand their presence in the area. Because of its size and cultural diversity, Texas’s third-largest metropolis is sure to have the kind of customers you want to see your ads!

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