In 1985, Gilbert Galvan Jr (Josh Duhamel), a charming career criminal, escapes from a US prison in Michigan and crosses the border into Canada where he assumes the identity Robert Whiteman. After falling in love with Andrea (Elisha Cuthbert), a caring social worker he can’t provide for, he turns to robbing banks and discovers that he’s exceptionally good at it. Under the guise of a security analyst, Robert begins flying around the country robbing multiple cities in a day, eventually catching the attention of national news outlets that dub him The Flying Bandit. Addicted to the rush and money that provides his double life, Robert eventually turns to loanshark and reputed gangster Tommy Kay (Mel Gibson) for bigger opportunities. But with Robert’s notoriety growing in record time, he is put into the direct sights of a ruthless detective (Nestor Carbonell) who will stop at nothing to bring him down.

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  • Allan Ungar


  • Kraig Wenman
  • Robert Knuckle


  • Allan Ungar
  • Anne B. Ruden
  • Arianne Fraser
  • Berry Meyerowitz
  • Colby Cote
  • Compton Ross
  • Daniel Negret
  • David Lipper
  • David Nazar
  • Delphine Perrier
  • Donn Kennedy
  • Eric Gozlan
  • Faisal Mahmood
  • Gabriel Napora
  • Galen Smith
  • Garrett Patten
  • Gregory Ruden
  • Ian Niles
  • James Di Giacomo
  • Jason Kringstein
  • Jeff Rice
  • Jeff Sackman
  • Jeffrey Tussi
  • Jim Klock
  • Joe Sisto
  • John S. Phillips
  • Jon Keeyes
  • Jordan Beckerman
  • Jordan Yale Levine
  • Josh Duhamel
  • JT Swierczek
  • Kc Brandenstein
  • Keli Price
  • Kraig Wenman
  • Kurt Fethke
  • Kyle Fethke
  • Larry Greenberg
  • Lawreen K. Yakkel
  • Lee Broda
  • Lisa D'Ambrosio
  • Luke Daniels
  • Luke Taylor
  • Mandi Murro
  • Marc Danon
  • Matthew Helderman
  • Michael J. Rothstein
  • Mike Donovan
  • Nathan Klingher
  • Packer Morley
  • Peter Anske
  • Phil Hunt
  • Richard Switzer
  • Ron Rivlin
  • Ryan Donnell Smith
  • Ryan Winterstern
  • Scott Levenson
  • Shaun Sanghani
  • Tyler Gould
  • Yas Taalat

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