Dan's Haunted House

2017 Dan's Haunted House poster Artwork by Andrew Weinman and poster design by Look Deeper Design “MOKUSATSU – KREEP’S ATOMIC SHADOWS”


Past Event

Location Info:

Dan's Haunted House
501 E. Swisher Rd.
Lake Dallas, TX  75065
The 2017 theme for DAN'S HAUNTED HOUSE is “MOKUSATSU – KREEP’S ATOMIC SHADOWS” A year has passed. The death of Unkle Kreep should have been a victory for Hachiman and his demonic horde – instead, it has turned into a tragedy, and given Dear Ol' Unkle Kreep one last shot at revenge. Summoning what little power he had left in his spectral form, Kreep called upon the uneasy spirits of war and destruction to help him break free of Hachiman’s iron grip. Under the cover of a diseased pale moon, he brought forth horrors of a terrible weapon that combined the rage and disdain of the spirit world with one of the mightiest powers of this one – Atomic Fire. Hachiman and his oni minions watched as the weapon exploded, filling the already cursed forest with a wave of nuclear anger. Everything it touched was burnt, or changed; the spirits trapped in that nightmare of trees turned even darker, their souls blackened into ashy shadows. Kreep had gotten his revenge, but had paid a terrible price for it, his spirit warped into something less than human. Even the mighty Hachiman was unprepared for the onslaught, and was wounded by the mighty blaze of elemental fire. Worse was yet to come, though. From the darkness crept creatures neither Kreep nor Hachiman had seen before – twisted, tortured escapees from some dark pit of reality, eager to wreck havoc on a new world. Now, shadows walk freely in the forest, taking what pleasures they can from torturing passers-by. The Japanese God of War does what he can to maintain order, and his creatures still wander the woods to punish those who dare trespass. But through it all, the twisted form of Kreep's Depraved Spirit can still be seen, laughing in delight at his revengeful wrath and the horror it’s caused, looking for fresh souls to fill his ranks. . .

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