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2709 Elm St.
Dallas, TX  75226-1425
Most often than not, descriptions of indie-folk group Daughter rely on words like "gloom," "moody" and "devastating." So much so that the band's lead singer Elena Tonra said in an interview that she's been surprised by their reception considering their songs aren't exactly feel-good jams. But on their 2016 release, Not to Disappear, the band took a calculated risk and abandoned their affinity for the morose. Instead, Tonra explores the brighter primary colors of her voice and the band follows suit by pushing the songs to be faster and more energetic. Tonra doesn't lose the moodiness that defines the band, but she reinvents what Daughter is capable of. For a band that so heavily leaned on one sound for their debut record, this year's album could've been an identity crisis wallowing in uncertainty. But Tonra and her bandmates command their new sound like they've been waiting for this transformation this whole time. With a more clear leading voice and less bummerific song arrangements, Daughter might actually have people dancing instead of breaking out the handkerchiefs. Matt Wood
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