Documentary Bites Back Against Puppy Mills


Past Event

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Magnolia Theater
3699 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, Texas  75204
Who doesn’t love dogs? I mean besides “cat people.” Shouldn’t we return the love dogs the same love they show us? You’ll wish we did when you see a new documentary called Dog by Dog. The film aims to bring awareness to the puppy mill industry that breeds and treats dogs in despicable conditions all for a profit. They are kept in cages for days on end without any proper care all so pet stores can have puppies to sell to their customers. If you care at all about animals, you’ll make some time to learn all about this unregulated and unjust system by watching a screening of this documentary at the Magnolia Theatre (3699 McKinney Ave.) at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 12. Visit for tickets. All proceeds go to Cole’s Rescue Tails, a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs from puppy mills.
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