Half-Priced Monday Dinner


Past Event

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1917 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas, TX  75206
Mondays are sneaky. They’ll kick you in the groin without apology, and the pain — oh, the excruciatingly merciless pain — will stay with you until your weekend liberation returns and applies party salve on your wound. The least it could do is take you out to dinner. Why not treat yourself to a cheapskate’s meal out and fortify your body for the remainder of this punishing work week? Here are a few options for half-priced patio dinners. Play Barcadia’s Charlie’s Angels pinball machine while you wait for your half-price dinner to arrive on the patio. Stuff a house burger (usually marked at $10, but priced down on Mondays to a mere Lincoln) in your face: It’s 8 ounces of ground beef packed with pepper Jack cheese and roasted green chiles. Or live la vida fried with a tilapia po’boy, which can be yours for the fiscally conscious price of $4.50 today. Barcadia is located at 1917 North Henderson Ave.; visit barcadiabars.com. Feeling more Uptown? Abuse the half-price pizza menu at State and Allen. Cram comfort pie in your mouth until you roll away, like Templeton the rat in Charlotte’s Web. Indulge in the White Pizza (only $5.25 today) because its ingredients list reads like edible beat poetry: Chicken, spinach, mushrooms, roasted shallots, truffle bechamel and balsamic reduction, can you dig? Oh yes, yes you can. State and Allen is located at 2400 Allen St. in Uptown; visit stateandallen.com. Now treat yourself, and build up the strength required to muster on, you Titan of cubicles.

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