Herbie Hancock

Fulya Atalay


Past Event
$39.75 and up

Location Info:

Annette Strauss Artist Square
2389 Flora St.
Dallas, TX  75201
For more than five decades, musical polymath Herbert “Herbie” Hancock has been a constant element of America’s musical landscape. His experimental style of jazz-funk fusion was born at a young age; Hancock was hailed as a child prodigy for his ability to tickle the ivories. The 14-time Grammy winner has left his mark on everything from electro- hip-hop to the post-pop era of jazz he helped usher in alongside Miles Davis. Today, Hancock, aged 77, is a living legend of jazz. With hints of a possible 42nd studio album and his 2017 tour, this won't be the kind of show you go to out of respect for an artist's former glory; Hancock is still at the cutting edge, as proven by a recent collaboration on Flying Lotus' album You're Dead. Luckily Dallas won't have to take my word for it when Strauss Square rings with the sweet sounds of jazz.


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