Past Event

Location Info:

Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park
1300 Robert B. Cullum Blvd.
Dallas / Fort Worth, TX  75315
Performance artist John Michael left a big ol’ void in Dallas when he headed to the colder climes of Chicago a couple years back. His vibrant one-man shows lit up the local theater scene, injecting his trademark silliness and effervescence into topics that are anything but. His John Michael and the Order of the Penix managed to combine HIV/AIDS transmission awareness with a ribald take on the Harry Potter franchise, while Crossing Your I’s took on Michael’s experiences in a facility for dementia patients. His shows specialize in that weird space where something strikes you as hilarious, but you’re not sure if it’s OK to laugh. Michael assures you that it’s totally fine. And at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 26, he’ll be back in Dallas to give you the go-ahead to giggle as he presents a deeply personal performance about the death of his mother. Meatball Séance, performed at The Margo Jones Theatre (1121 First Ave.) finds him trying to perfect his mom’s meatball recipe in an attempt to raise her from the dead so she can meet his new boyfriend. Expect the usual blend of laughter and heartbreak — but add in a dash of culinary wizardry, onstage and off as the performance is followed by a leftover potluck and a keg full of craft beer. The performance is pay-what-you can; find more info on Facebook.

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