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Justin Timberlake brings his Man of the Woods tour to Dallas for a two-night stand at the cavernous American Airlines Center at a time when his career is at a bit of a crossroads. As a global superstar for close to two decades now, he's always enjoyed excellent album and ticket sales, primetime performance slots at awards shows and sporting events, and plum roles in ace Hollywood films. He's an adept crooner, a versatile dancer, and possess enough "aw shucks" sincerity to woo even the unlikeliest of fans, such as the 88-year old grandmother he brought out onstage last week at a show in Florida. However, the past year has been filled with some backlash. There were his twitter controversies over the use of cultural appropriation, and his tepid response to the rekindled Super Bowl incident with Janet Jackson that again became relevant this past winter as Timberlake took the field as the halftime performer. And then there is the music on his latest album, a hodgepodge amalgamation of hip-hop, bro-country, and folk-inspired tunes that has been celebrated in some circles, but largely panned in others. Regardless, Timberlake remains a genuine pop star capable of filling arenas and giving fans their money's worth. Now at the midway point of this tour, his stage presence should be pretty refined, making Sunday and Monday's back-to-back shows essential to those dedicated fans and intriguing enough for the casual folks to tune in for the duration.
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