Lightroom Lab

Peter Poulides

One of the most common requests from those of you who have taken our Lightroom evening classes is to be able to work in a small group and get guidance and feedback from the instructor. So. . . Lightroom Lab. This lab will focus on the following topics: File import and organization: Working with images that we supply you, the instructor will walk you through the entire process of file importing, folder creation and basic organization. This is an area where many photographers get tripped up in Lightroom and learning to do it smoothly will take a lot of stress out of your life. Selecting and culling your images: Using flags, stars, color tags, x/y and the other Lightroom tools. You’ll learn how to cruise through a large group of images to only select the best ones to finish. Working with collections: The real organizational muscle in Lightroom is its ability to create collections of images. It can be counter intuitive at first but once you learn to use this feature you’ll understand why people rely on Lightroom as their digital asset manager. Global and local image editing: From overall brightness and contrast adjustments to more meticulous local brushes, cloning and healing, we’ll take you through all of Lightroom’s image editing tools. At the beginning of the class the instructor will pass out memory cards with sample images. Those images will be used for demonstrations and projected on the screen so you can follow along with the processing techniques. You will need a laptop with Lightroom installed and a card reader to load the images onto your computer.

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