Love and Gravity

WittyPixel Acobatic Conundrum Presents Love and Gravity


Past Event

Location Info:

Charles W. Eisemann Center
2351 Performance Dr.
Richardson, TX  75082
Acrobatic Conundrum is quickly rising as the face of American contemporary circus. Founded and led by Terry Crane, the company creates work that is “intimate and personal, a combination of impressive physical skills and emotional storytelling. It’s visceral like modern dance and clever like avant-garde theatre.” (CityArts Magazine, 2017) The company’s newest work, Love & Gravity, presents six acrobats on a minimal stage with little else but their talents and hearts. The performers explore, through a tapestry-like journey, the endless ways in which we find love, support, and partnership. In addition to traditional circus apparatus, their intimate connection is displayed and celebrated on the “endless rope” - a unique apparatus that demands ultimate trust. This evening-length piece, driven by the artists and their real-life relationships, intertwines dance, theater, comedy and circus into a journey that leaves you feeling joyful and awed by the power of human connection. These showings of Love and Gravity are hosted by Southern Fried Circus Fest, a multi-day festival featuring workshops, performances, and more!

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