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Curtain Club
2800 Main St.
Dallas, TX  75226
It’s sad to say that nowadays, the once ironic “Who?” that used to follow Mike Jones’ name is less of a rhetorical rap gimmick and more of a legitimate query. But regardless of whether you slept on him or were just too young to remember the rap landscape of 2005, Jones will always be remembered as one of the most entertaining acts to come out of Houston. His iconic, pre-Twitter, brand of self-promotion consisted of loudly shouting his name on other people’s tracks and handing out T-shirts emblazoned with his cellphone number, which oddly enough made Jones an over-night sensation. Club bangers like “Still Tippin’” and “Back Then” sent Jones’ stock even higher as his prophetically titled debut album, Who is Mike Jones?, went platinum in only two months. Lawsuits, rap beefs and disputes with his record label all contributed to the rapid decline of Jones’ career after his initial success. But shows like these aren’t meant dissected and picked apart — they’re time capsules. Take this show for what it is, a fun night with an almost-forgotten rap sensation.
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