New Year, new Whippersnapper pop up!


2020-02-15 04:00:00
February 15

Promotional Event Description

New Year, new Whippersnapper pop up!

The Whippersnapper will continue to transform itself in 2020. January 9th, This and That Hospitality will focus on the docu-style world that highlights the 9-5ers.

The Office, a mockumentary sitcom, that depicts the everyday lives and craziness of office employees in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. To pay homage to this fan favorite TV show, the Whippersnapper will rebrand for a limited time only pop up as DUNDER WHIPLIN INC. Beverage Company!

Dallas-based This & That Hospitality, the folks behind neighborhood staples like High Fives, Tiny Victories, Ferris Wheelers, Alice and Dibs on Victory, will close down The Whip for renovations on January 5th and reopen as DUNDER WHIPLIN on January 9th.

The renovations will be fast. Somewhere between a snake and a mongoose. The pop up will run through February 15th, open Wednesday - Saturday from 6pm until 2am weekly.

“These pop ups give us such a fun opportunity to bring nostalgic favorites of ours to life. People can expect to find employees in costume, photo booths, photo opportunities, themed food and drink menus, incredible murals from local artists from the show and as always a full building reveal as the space is transitioned.” says co-founder of This and That Hospitality Phil Schanbaum. 1806 McMillan Ave. in Dallas, TX |469.567.3358 |

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