SEG/SPE Workshop: Injection Induced Seismicity

SEG/SPE Workshop: Injection Induced Seismicity

SEG/SPE Workshop: Injection Induced Seismicity SEG/SPE Workshop: Injection Induced Seismicity


Past Event
Early Bird: USD 800, Standard: USD 850

Location Info:

Le Meridian
13402 Noel Rd.
Dallas, TX  75240
Induced seismicity from the injection of fluids into the earth is a growing concern for oilfield activities such as saltwater disposal and hydraulic fracturing. The increasing number of earthquakes occurring in the oil and gas producing regions of the United States and Canada appears to be related to the large volumes of injected fluids, but the direct relationship between injection and seismicity is unclear in most situations. Although cases of disposal well and hydraulic fracture-induced seismicity are infrequent relative to the total number of wells engaged in these operations, injection-induced seismicity needs to be understood and diagnosed, with appropriate risk assessment, management, and mitigation techniques applied where seismicity is of concern. With the heightened public interest in this issue, it is important that geoscientists and engineers begin to look at operational parameters and integrate techniques and tools to evaluate reservoir and geomechanical conditions that may lead to increased seismicity. Regulatory bodies are increasingly using the latest research to proactively apply operational requirements to mitigate the seismic risk. This workshop aims to provide the geological, seismological, and engineering framework to reservoir and completion engineers and geoscientists involved with designing or conducting injection operations. The workshop will frame the linkages between the geologic setting and the injection conditions that may increase risk of induced seismicity, and discuss approaches and tools for evaluating and minimizing seismic activity. The meeting is the fourth in this workshop series, with the previous workshops heralded as milestone forums that have provided unique opportunities for in-depth dialogue between researchers, industry subject matter experts, and regulators. Date and Time: On Monday November 06, 2017 at 12:00 pm ends Wednesday November 08, 2017 at 12:00 pm

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