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Curtain Club
2800 Main St.
Dallas, TX  75226
Dutch electronic artist Jordy Leenaerts, aka Timecop1983, is one of the paramount producers riding the wave of ’80s revivalism that’s washed like a tsunami over current pop culture from The Goldbergs and G.L.O.W. to Ready Player One and Stranger Things — especially the soundtracks. As the wave continues to wash over producers stationed at computers and hardware synthesizers, retro-futurist synthwave, or “retrowave,” acts keep dropping ’80s-inspired cinematic synth tracks online and in wax, picking up where pioneering German electronic outfit Tangerine Dream and Greek electronic composer Vangelis left off on the soundtracks for Risky Business and Blade Runner, respectively. With Timecop1983 (and his darker project, Division), Leenaerts draws inspiration from ’80s movies, video games, television shows and, most evidently, the movie Drive’s soundtrack. (In interviews, Leenaerts says the 2011 American film moved him to create what he calls “dreamwave.”) Nearly every Timecop1983 track conjures neon-filled visions of driving through rain-soaked city streets. The tracks also play well at dance clubs, sweaty gyms or just chillin’ on the couch — reminiscent of Survive, Com Truise and Chromatics. Philadelphia synth-pop duo Korine and the Brooklyn-based Æon Rings aptly support Timecop1983 as openers.
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